Welcome, My name is Melanie Taylor.

It took me a long time to answer the call and to trust the gentle whispers of my heart and soul. I resisted her call for many years – I silenced and dismissed her. I suffered and sacrificed myself and most of all I settled, again and again and again. The truth is that I have always felt a deep connection with my spiritual soul self and had listened to my inner guidance and intuition (at times). But honestly, it scared me, as this version of my truth was so far removed from this steady, courageous and grounded voice within.

I caught glimpses of this inner power, knowing and strength but it conflicted so much to the person I showed up as each day. I denied it immediately as ego or false truths. I attributed my sensitivity and deep connection as weakness and vulnerability and so became completely self-dependent and self-reliant. I only shared the parts of me that I thought others wanted to see and hid and judged the other parts as deficient, worthless or not good enough.

I was living from the distorted and disconnected version of myself for a long time, but I would soon remember that this was not the soul path I had chosen to walk in this lifetime. As is usually the case, life presented many golden insights in many guises some of which reminded me of the deep pain within I was ready to heal and transmute and many others sparked deep remembrances of the peace, power, purpose and potential I was here to embody and express. Every time I listened to my inner guidance I would be led to a book, a teacher, a soul connection, a practice or an experience that would guide me along my true path.

“I’m not trying to be my highest self.

I want to be my whole self”.


Along my journey I realised a huge part of my journey was to reclaim all parts of me – my whole self was not something I wanted to deny or hide anymore. I unravelled, revealed and shed layer by layer the old, distorted limitations through which I viewed myself and my life. Growth, expansion and healing were woven into every step both nourishing and empowering me to be all of me, unconditionally and unapologetically.

In reclaiming my whole self – mind, body, heart and spirit, I choose to witness and welcome all parts of me. I choose to unify and harmonise the light and shadow, the pain and the power and the fear and love within me as they show up. I choose to live a life of faith rather than fear, of truth rather than distortion, of connection rather than separation, of expansion rather than confinement and of abundance rather than scarcity. I choose to live and lead from the heart as I believe this to be our highest frequency.

“We never stop learning as life never

stops teaching”

Reclamation is only one part of my journey to wholeness. Having spent a decade as a primary school teacher while simultaneously being a student of healing, holistic and integrative practices that nourish and support the whole self I commit every day to show up as the teacher and student in my life. The origin of the word teacher is ‘to show’.  As a Soul Coach and Space Holder my intention is to show and reflect back to you your true light, power & essence as you reclaim your whole self and realise the power to transform and alchemise is always held within.

It’s time, time to be all of who you are and rise rooted, free and empowered in your whole and holy self.

8 things you might like to know about me…

Born and raised in Dublin’s fair city but really a country girl at heart.

I have a deep connection to the sacred land of Ireland and align deeply with the Celtic Calendar and the sacred sites across Ireland.

I was a primary school teacher for 10 years spending a lot of that time working with children with special needs and weaving wellbeing, mindfulness and wholehearted growth and expansion into my classroom. I believe children (and animals) are our wisest and truest teachers.

I love exploring astrology and other methods to dive deeper into knowing myself – Aries sun, Taurus rising and Gemini Moon. Human design – Manifestor 4/6 Profile.

I have had a deep connection with spirit since I as a young girl and have been deepening that connection for many years which has led me to train in Reiki, Meditation & mindfulness, Hatha and Yin Yoga, Angelic Healing, Sound Therapy, Crystal healing, Divine Feminine and Sacred Rose teachings.

Possibly a mermaid in a past life – can be usually found by/in the water.

Belly laughs, play, nature, dance, music and creativity are deep soul medicine for me.

Definitely don’t have everything figured out but have huge faith and trust in my life and soul path and so grateful for all my soul tribe that continue to support and inspire me.

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