Our True Nature

The Wholly Grail

Where your fear is, there is your task

– Carl Jung

I believe we are born to live in alignment with our truth, our true nature, our true state of being.

We entered this world as LOVE, and we will leave it the same way.

LOVE is peace, harmony, joy, compassion, bliss, connection ( and all the other words that mean Love to you). It is our strongest and natural vibration and frequency. When we are not in alignment with this frequency, we feel it both individually and collectively.

First, we become aware of this truth, then deeper understanding follows, then we find growth and remembrance through practice and experience. I believe that is our purpose in life to remember and realign with our true self, our soul self and embody that in our day to day. So, while incredibly deep and infinitely profound in teaching it ultimately comes down…

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Our True Nature

For too long we have lived a life of confinement and contraction when we crave expansion and expression. For too long we have accepted a life that is dominated and dictated by fear. I believe we are born to live in alignment with our truth, our true nature, our true state of being.


Navigating Uncertainty

These are unprecedented times – unparalleled, extraordinary, exceptional and none of which most of us have seen in our lifetimes. We needed a big reset to slow the hell down and reflect on how we were living our lives. There is only so many times you can press the ask me later button for an upgrade before the system crashes completely.


Cultivating Emotional & Mental Resilience

You have been living in a ace of acute stress for many weeks and now that is having huge effects on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. First of all give yourself permission to really check in with how you are right now. Secondly be compassionate and understanding that these are times like no other and you may need to or practise new ways to help navigate through.


Living in Flow

To live a life in flow, you have to fully commit to being tuned into the world around you, tapped into your vibration and turned on by your life experiences and the people in it.


Can you hear her call?

The Divine Feminine is within every single person, she birthed us into this life and she will hold us as we lay our physical body to rest after our last breath.


Why we hope, dream and make goals.

Then we play the game of destination addiction; we become addicted to the idea that happiness or feeling better is always in the next job, relationship, change in our physical body, success, achievement or windfall.