Well-Being in Schools

Wellness is our natural state of being. In nurturing our mind, body, heart and spirit we realign with our natural well-being.

Schools and educational centres play a central role in facilitating and promoting children’s health and well-being. With increasing additional needs diagnosis, anxiety, mental health, emotional and behavioural challenges, overloaded curriculum and personal and professional stresses and strains this is no easy task.

Having worked in education for over a decade I understand these challenges having faced them myself. Stress both in a personal and professional capacity had a great impact on my health, well-being and teaching. I sought out ways to enhance and nourish my mind, body, heart and soul and I couldn’t deny the results. Very quickly I adapted these tools and practices, integrating them into my teaching, across the curriculum but also into daily school life. The changes in my students, myself and my teaching were incredible.

In my workshops I draw on meditation, mindfulness, mindset, movement and much more to equip children and adults with the necessary skills to thrive in life.

Schools and educational staff have always placed the well-being of the pupil at the heart of their planning and ethos, understanding its importance, but not always its full scope.

Well-being is more than the absence of physical, mental or emotional illness. Well being is looking after the WHOLE self. Well-being is;

Growth Mindset


Emotional awareness & intelligence

Emotional regulation

Self Confidence & Self Esteem 

Effective communication skills

Healthy relationships with self and others

Understanding and utilising our strengths

Empowering beliefs and self-talk

Awareness of our needs and being equipped to deal with struggles and challenges we face in life.

I love to work with schools and services to enhance and support adult and children’s health, well-being and growth. I believe to do this we must nurture and nourish the WHOLE self – mind, body, heart and spirit.

Enhancing & Integrating Well-being in your School Community

Anxiety Workshop

With 1 in 5 children experiencing general anxiety in Ireland, learning about anxiety is not only beneficial, it is necessary.

These workshops focus on awareness, understanding, self-regulation, mindset, lasting tools and techniques tailored for all ages and needs.

Options include;

1 Day workshops for children

6 Week Block of Workshops

Staff Workshops (CPD)

Children’s Well-being

These workshops are designed to foster an understanding of well-being and to equip children with the skills and tools to feel healthy, resilient, confident and to develop a growth mindset. Children will learn about meditation, mindfulness, mindset and more. Workshops are tailored for each class age and needs.

Options include;

1 Day workshops for children

6 Week block of workshops

Staff Well-Being

‘You cannot pour from an empty cup’.

There is no escaping personal or professional stress that fluctuates throughout our careers. Prioritising the well-being of the staff within a school is critical to the well-being of the whole school community.

Options include;

CPD Personal Well-being 

CPD Planning for Well-being 

CPD Summer Courses

Amazing and insightful on a personal and professional level. Mel provided us with so many
practical tips and wonderful resources to take into the classroom. On a personal level I got so
many strategies and knowledge about how to deal with thoughts and emotions both positive and negative.

Thanks to Mel for a fantastic course, I have found new ways to understand the importance
of being mindful and focusing on self-well-being and the importance of implementing into school life.

The course provided me with lots of opportunities for self-reflection along with fun and meaningful ideas for the classroom.

The course was excellent, very well prepared and structured with generous materials and

Melanie was so engaging and a wonderful facilitator.

If you’re interested in enhancing the well-being in your school community, let’s chat.

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