When Mel sent out a message looking for clients for her life coaching classes in May 2016, I ignored it (Sorry for that Mel!). What did I need coaching for? I was content with life – my family was healthy, I’d lost weight, I’d gotten more responsibilities in work and I had managed to find a new place to live without having to sell my kidney on the Dublin black market. Yes, I disliked the place immensely but it was a place to live, right?

Then Mel sent out a second message and, in a classic act of Catholic guilt, I said I’d do it. I went into the sessions with the intention of just helping a friend and to see what all this ‘hippy-dippy’ life coaching stuff was about (oh my scepticism was strong back then!).

Mel started with the ‘Wheel of Life’ and asked me to fill it in honestly. This tool allowed me to discover what parts of my life I was satisfied with (yay for Fun/Recreation and Money) and what parts that I wasn’t so happy with (boo for Physical Environment, Personal Development/Growth and Romance). I know that this seems like something that I should have been able to spot all by myself, but the sessions with Mel allowed me to specifically identify those aspects of my life that weren’t ‘balanced’ with the parts of my life that were working well.


Mel also uses coaching tools that work for you. Mel realised quite quickly that I had neither the patience or the discipline for meditation and visualisation activities, so she got me to explore my ideas and thoughts using art activities, journaling and breathing exercises. I still use these when approaching decisions – Mel makes sure that you have the tools you need to ‘survive’ any future decisions.

During my 6-week sessions with Mel, I managed to create a 3-year plan for myself. Some of the goals were short term (bye-bye unwelcoming and overpriced houseshare!). Others were more long term (hello Cork Marathon finish line 2017!) and some are still ongoing (I’m working on the romance part – I promise!). Because of my sessions with Mel, I found the confidence I needed to make my own opportunities and now more changes are on the way for me. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried about these changes. However, Mel has given me the tools I need to confront these changes head on.

If Mel can do all that for me, what could she do for you?