6 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle Habits

Happy New Year everyone!! We are now nearly a week into the New Year and over this weekend the last of the Christmas trees and decorations will be taken down, reluctantly by some and with relish for others. New Years resolutions that were so confidently and adamantly set earlier in the week are either propelling... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Autumn

This is my favourite time of the year!! The colours, the crunchy leaves, the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  Nature is at its most beautiful and the trees are gently reminding us how beauty can be found in letting things go. Here are 5 ways to embrace this gorgeous time.

Three-Way Hummus

Chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus, a nutritional and delicious dip that can be made in less than ten minutes and adapted to include your favourite tastes and flavours. It is a great dip to have as a snack with your favourite veggies or crackers during the day or as a spread in a... Continue Reading →

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