Summer CPD Course 2021

Movement, Stillness, Mindfulness & Mindset

for Student Wellbeing

This weeklong course will serve both you and your students for years to come. Although mindfulness and wellbeing are popular buzz words floated in all areas, education included, most of the time they are just that – buzz words. We all know the importance of wellbeing and mental health yet as a society we do a lot of talk about raising awareness and not a lot of action, integration and embodiment of the tools and techniques that support and nourish our whole selves. Those who have an interest are thankfully integrating and bringing some of these tools and techniques into the classroom. However, as a teacher you know all to well that there is no one size fits all when it comes to teaching or learning and a deeper understanding is needed to adapt and differentiate for our students. This course aims to provided you with a rounded and in-depth framework for noticing, observing dysregulation and barriers to learning, connection and growth and how to enable positive change and nourishment for you and your diverse students.


Face to Face via Zoom
July 5th – 9th
9.30 – 2pm
20 Hour Course
3 EPV days accredited
Investment €95

Module 1

Understanding & nourishing the whole self

– What is wellbeing and what it is not

– Understanding the mind – body connection

– How the brain and body work together

– What is dysregulation, what does it look like in the classroom, its root causes & triggers?

– Emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioural blocks and barriers to growth, learning & connection

– Discussing the challenges and concerns

– Nourishment of the whole self – what, why, how?

– Discussion, reflection and putting it in practice

Module 2

Nurturing & promoting awareness & expression

– Awareness and mindfulness

– Sensory awareness & mindfulness

– Emotional awareness & self-regulation

– Limitations and barriers within language

– Connecting with self, others & nature

– Acceptance & resilience

Module 3

Utilising movement & embodiment practices

– Importance of movement

– Types of movements

– Emotional integration and embodiment

– Movement, the brain & regulation

– Sensory seeking & stimulation

– Discussion, reflection and putting it in practice

Module 4

Promoting and enabling growth & connection

– Growth Mindset

– Perception & perspective

– Regulation and cognitive development

– Morals and Values

– Fostering and cultivating community

– Discussion, reflection and putting it in practice

Module 5

The importance and power of grounding & stillness

– Importance and power of the breath

Self soothing and grounding

– Guided meditations & visualisations

– Connecting with nature

– Integration & embodiment

– Calming tools and measures for the classroom

– Discussion, reflection and putting it in practice

Module 6

Implementation and Integration in the school context

– Planning – Whole school and classroom

– Sample wellbeing plans to integrate practices

– Cross curricular integration

SSE guided practice for wellbeing in schools

– Review and discuss DES guidelines and frameworks (HPS, LAOS, Cosán)

– How to implement positive change in the classroom and maintain it.

Additional Nourishing practices for participants

> Daily Breathwork practice
> Daily Guided meditation practice
> Movement & embodiment Sessions
> Bonus Personal Development Video series and reflection journal

Additional Resources

> 25 Mindful moments

> 25 Mindful breaths
> 25 Mindful Movements
> 25 tools & activities for Self Regulation
> Planning samples, resources and recommendations for integrating wellbeing practices into daily school life.

About Melanie

Melanie Taylor worked as a primary school teacher for over a decade, spending a lot of her teaching career working with children with additional needs and in infant education. During her teaching career she studied in many holistic practices – Health and life Coaching, Hatha & Yin Yoga, Children’s meditation & mindfulness and Reiki and Angelic Healing and wove many of her practices into her classroom teaching. She now works full time as a Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner and Facilitator for Children’s Wellbeing.

Previous Feedback

Amazing and insightful on a personal and professional level. Mel provided us with so many practical tips and wonderful resources to take into the classroom. On a personal level I got so many strategies and knowledge about how to deal with thoughts and emotions both positive and negative.

Thanks to Mel for a fantastic course, I have found new ways to understand the importance of being mindful and focusing on self-well-being and the importance of implementing into school life.

The course provided me with lots of opportunities for self-reflection along with fun and meaningful ideas for the classroom.

The course was excellent, very well prepared and structured with generous materials and resources.

Melanie was so engaging and a wonderful facilitator.

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