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Sound Healing

“Sound is the force of creation, the true whole.

Music then becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness

And therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.”

– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sound healing is a beautiful and powerful healing modality that has ancient origins in traditions, cultures and indigenous nations across the world. The Yidaki, also known as the Didgeridoo has been used by the Aboriginal nations of Australia for at least 40,000 years.  Our ancient ancestors practiced with sound and frequency for healing, ceremony and deep connection. From Overtone singing in the East, drums and rattles used in ancient Babylonia and Egypt to horns and magical harps in Ancient Ireland, sound and music has played a vital role in our lives for eons.

Our ancient ancestors’ knowing has been echoed through the lens of modern-day science, since the early 1900s. Using sound as a healing modality has seen incredible results on the physical, mental, emotional bodies, impacting on a deep cellular level as the sound guides the client into deeper brain wave states for ultimate recalibration and restoration of the nervous system, therefore creating space for deep rest, healing and rejuvenation.

My personal journey with sound has been present throughout my whole life. I have had a love for sounds, silence, music and instruments for as long as I can remember. At the beginning of my healing journey around 2013 I was introduced to chanting and then mantra and this had a profound impact on my own healing journey and my reverence for the power of sound. I replaced the radio on the journey to and from work with mantra and healing frequencies and it would anchor and ground me instantly, while offering me deep connection and coherence between my body and spirit.

A couple of years ago I began vocal toning spontaneously within healing sessions and while at sacred sites in Ireland, I knew I was being guided to return to this healing modality that I had known for many years and probably lifetimes. In 2020 I began working with Carmel Diviney in Celtic School of Sound Healing and have completed to Advanced Sound Healing Practitioner and Sound Bath Facilitator.  

“ Sound Healing is like being in the ocean and letting waves wash over you, but here’s it’s a wave of sound- like a wave of consciousness” Dr John Beaulieu

In the sound healing you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation where I will work with the beautiful harmonies of sound and light frequencies of the Angels & Guides.

I am now offering 121 (75 minutes) Sound Healing Sessions for clients in Clonsilla, Dublin 15

Investment €70

For booking please contact here

Also available for small groups of 2-3 on request – get in touch here.

I hope to offer remote online via Zoom soon also.

“In sound we are born, in sound we are healed”
― Mehtab Benton

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