Sacred Sisters Full Moon Gathering

 Do you hear the call? Are you remembering old and ancient ways? Do you feel a deep connection with the moon and her light? Do you want to explore your cycles, energy and phases in ritual and ceremony? Do you want to awaken and align with the Divine Feminine within you?

For thousands and thousands of years women have gathered in sacred space with their sisters to honour the divine connection with Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and each other, understanding the strength and importance of this natural connection.

Our internal rhythms and cycles beat in unison with those in nature, the seasons and the moon. Our ancestors innately knew this and celebrated this connection throughout the year. Once gathered in sacred circle they would nourish, nurture and honour these cycles and their own wisdom, intuition and divine femininity.

 Our monthly cycles mirror the Lunar cycles and regardless of our flow we can harness and channel this energy. Our menstrual cycle is one of our key and most powerful navigation tools.

Our power is life itself and it is innate within us’

Lucy Pearce – Burning Woman

Our wombs are our sacred creative centres, our cauldrons where we connect to source and create everything from babies to experiences in our lives.

We may have forgotten or ignored these ancient truths held deep within our being but now is the time to listen and reawaken them. We are being called back to the rites, ceremonies and rituals of our ancestors.

We are being invited to remember the Divine Feminine in all her glory and reclaim the innate power and Goddess energy within us that has been silenced for so long.

We are being invited to remember the divine feminine represented within us in her many forms – as the maiden, the mother, the enchantress and the crone. We are all of these separately and all at once.

The divine or sacred feminine is our natural and instinctive self. It is the emotional, passionate, creative, sexual, wild, beautiful, courageous, intuitive, free thinking, nurturing, life creating energy that courses through our body.

The word divine comes from the Sanskrit word Devi meaning Goddess and that energy is a force to be reckoned with. We can call on her, yet she is within us all the time. This immeasurable force of divine nature and creation is always available to us.

We can connect and harness this energy by grounding in Mother Nature and understanding and working with the Lunar cycles. We can also align and embody the qualities of Goddesses such as Brigid, Gráinne, Isis, Shekinah and their stories in sacred ceremony and ritual at particularly potent times of the month or year.

In our Sacred Sisters Full Moon Gathering, we will come together to honour and awaken the Goddess energy within us all. We will recall and realign with the wisdom, intuition, power, passion and creativity innate within us through ritual and ceremony for some deep soul nourishment.

Just like in nature and the moon we all go through phases in life, some short, some long, some challenging, some carefree. Through all these times, authentic connection, support and compassion are vital.

Our Sacred Sisters Full Moon Gathering will allow you to be seen and heard, encouraged and empowered, inspired and energised by the beauty and strength of the women present.

These Moon Mná Moon Circles are your opportunity to honour, nurture and nourish your whole being, in mind, body, heart and soul, coming together in sacred space with a tribe of like-minded souls. These 2-hour workshops will be a journey through stories, songs, rites, ceremonies, ritual and connection honouring and empowering our divine feminine selves.

Our next Sacred Sisters Circle is October 20th from 5 – 7pm in Holistic Nuture Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

The most sacred place on earth is a woman’s womb.


Under the waning, half moon we will join in circle to journey into a very sacred and special place – the energetic cauldron of your womb. This theme allows us to reconnect with the energy centre of life and creation within our very being. Do you connect with your womb? Do you listen to, nurture, offer thanks and honour you womb? Have you ever really thought about the powerhouse that she is?

In this moon gathering we will join with like minded sisters to reconnect, honour and heal our sacred wombs. You will be guided on a shamanic journey to truly tune in and connect with your sacred, inner cauldron. We will discuss how we can nurture and nourish ourselves and remember our feminine gifts.

The energy of the Waning Moon marks a turning point to make way for new things in our life. The equal light and shadow we see on the moon in this phase reminds us of the cycles we continually face in our lives. We will harness this energy to release and let go of what no longer serves us, draw on our inner wisdom and make positive changes in our lives.

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