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Divine Feminine Gatherings

You are invited on a journey within to remember your strengths, your healing and nurturing ways, your intuition and your creative power.
You are invited to reconnect and reharmonize your own natural cycles and those we are aligned to.
You are invited to rewild and reclaim the parts of you that have been hidden behind masks, tamed into conformity and bound by limitation.
Autumn Skye Artwork

Our lives are constantly moving through cycles of growth and change. These ebbs and flows are mirrored in nature yet in our modern world we have become separate and disconnected from the natural world and our true natural selves.

Our internal rhythms and cycles beat in unison with those in nature, all living beings, the seasons, the sun, the stars and the planets. Our ancestors innately knew this and celebrated this connection throughout the year.

 Once gathered in sacred circles they would nourish, nurture and honour these cycles and their own wisdom, intuition, divine femininity and masculinity. This intimate connection with the land, the stars and each other enabled them to live a life in sync with changing cycles rather than feeling constantly challenged by them.

Today our lives look very different, we live by schedules and timelines, appointments and deadlines. We may have forgotten or ignored these ancient truths held deep within our being but now is the time to listen and reawaken to them.

We are being called back to the wisdom, land and natural essence of our ancestors. In Ireland the remembrance is palpable and abundant in stories, songs and within sacred sites found throughout the country. The land is revealing and unravelling many truths and deep wisdom to guide us on our journey.

 As women, our menstruality mirrors these natural cycles and regardless of our flow or age we can harness and channel this potent energy. Our menstrual cycle and sacred container and portal is our most powerful and potent navigation tool. We are being invited to remember the divine feminine represented within us in all her forms and ways.

Autumn Skye Artwork

The divine or sacred feminine is our natural and instinctive self. It is the emotional, passionate, creative, sexual, wild, beautiful, confident, courageous, intuitive, free, nurturing, life creating energy that courses through our body. During these gatherings we will remember and reclaim the parts of our Divine Feminine that we feel we have lost or forgotten. We will integrate and harmonise the natural masculine and feminine, bringing them into sacred union and wholeness.

 Everything in life is connected and so in these bespoke and unique gatherings we will be meeting throughout the year on important dates within the Celtic calendar to connect deeply with all parts of ourselves and with like minded souls.

We will tune into;

Join us for our Winter Solstice Gathering on

December 22nd 2020

Sunrise at Newgrange 2019

Join us in sacred circle for a beautiful women’s gathering at this potent and powerful threshold on this transformative and illuminating year. We are in the midst of huge shifts both individually and collectively. We are experiencing and can view these changes through many interpretations – astrologically, socially, cosmically, spiritually, energetically, politically, physically. We are experiencing amplified and intense shifts and transformations at this time which have been prophesised for a very long time in many traditions.

Portals, doorways and thresholds are found at each turn of the Celtic Calendar. Our ancient ancestors knew this and engineers and scientists can now measure the electromagnetic range and frequency to confirm harmonisation and increased activity around the Solstices and Equinoxes. Sacred sites all over Ireland, aligned with the rising sun at Winter Solstice, reinforce the connection and reverence our ancestors had for this time.

This Winter Solstice will coincide with and amplify the great astrological shifts occurring in December 2020. Within and beyond this doorway is an invitation to illuminate, unveil and birth a whole new way of being for us as individuals and for global humanity. The greatest vision and guidance is available to you at this time, as the veils thin, if you wish to claim it.

Winter Solstice and the weeks that lead up to it are the darkest of the year. At this time we are invited to embrace the darkness from which all life is created from. It’s a time of deep reflection of the endings and beginning occurring at this time in one or all areas of your life.

At this time, we can access and birth from our deepest knowing and inspired creativity. This is an ancient quality our ancestors called Imbas. What if it wasn’t a gift but rather an aspect held within us all, if we were willing to connect more deeply with ourselves? As we connect and reconnect with the wise ancient knowing within we make space for healing, nourishment, connection, dreams, desires and our deepest intentions.

<< Artwork by Autumn Skye <<

Join us if;

This circle is open to all women (women identifying), young and old who wish to remember and reclaim harness and radiate their divine feminine self. During this circle we will hold space for one another, connect through discussion, ceremony, songs and words. We will be doing some gentle movement and breathwork and finishing with a beautiful healing and meditation. I will also share some deeper journaling and spiritual practices within a Solstice Ebook you will receive.

Tuesday December 22nd 8pm – 10 pm via Zoom. 

Investment €25 – Click here to register and secure your spot.

Options available for unwaged, out of work or any other financial barriers to joining us. Just get in touch below. Mel x

Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact Mel.

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