Divine Feminine Gatherings

You are invited on a journey within to remember your strengths, your healing and nurturing ways, your intuition and your creative power.

You are invited to reconnect and reharmonize your own natural cycles and those we are aligned to.

You are invited to reclaim and rewild the parts of you that have been hidden behind masks and tamed into conformity and domesticity.

Autumn Skye Artwork

Our lives are constantly moving through cycles of growth and change. These ebbs and flows are mirrored in nature yet in our modern world we have become separate and disconnected from the natural world and our true selves.

Our internal rhythms and cycles beat in unison with those in nature, all living beings, the seasons, the sun, the stars and the planets. Our ancestors innately knew this and celebrated this connection throughout the year.

 Once gathered in sacred circles they would nourish, nurture and honour these cycles and their own wisdom, intuition, divine femininity and masculinity. This intimate connection with the land, the stars and each other enabled them to live a life in sync with changing cycles rather than feeling constantly challenged by them.

Today our lives look very different, we live by schedules and timelines, appointments and deadlines. We may have forgotten or ignored these ancient truths held deep within our being but now is the time to listen and reawaken to them.

We are being called back to the rites, ceremonies and rituals of our ancestors. In Ireland the remembrance is palpable and abundant in stories, songs and within sacred sites found throughout the country.

 As women, our menstruality mirrors these natural cycles and regardless of our flow or age we can harness and channel this potent energy. Our menstrual cycle and sacred container and portal is our most powerful and potent navigation tools. We are being invited to remember the divine feminine represented within us in all her forms and ways.

Autumn Skye Artwork

The divine or sacred feminine is our natural and instinctive self. It is the emotional, passionate, creative, sexual, wild, beautiful, confident, courageous, intuitive, free, nurturing, life creating energy that courses through our body. During these gatherings we will remember and reclaim the parts of our Divine Feminine that we feel we have lost or forgotten.

 Everything in life is connected and so in these bespoke and unique gatherings we will be meeting throughout the year on important dates within the Celtic calendar to connect deeply with all parts of ourselves and with like minded souls.

We will tune into;

  • The traditions, wisdom and mythology of the Celtic Wheel.
  • The lunar phases and astrological influences throughout the year.
  • Our own menstrual cycles – honouring the changes and the uniqueness of each persons cycle.
  • Goddesses, feminine archetypes, Archangels and guides who can help us throughout our journey.
  • Mythology, poetry, music and mantra
  • Applying this information to help heal and transform core beliefs or fears that inhibit us from living a life of harmony, joy and well being.

Join us for our Sacred Waters Autumn Equinox Gathering, September 27th 2020

Join us in sacred circle for a beautiful women’s gathering at this potent and powerful threshold as we turn our focus from outward energy and action and begin our retreat inward in the coming seasons.

Portals, doorways and thresholds are found at each turn of the Celtic Calendar. Within and beyond this doorway is an invitation to connect with and harness your inner light and fire and to confidently and courageously shine brightly as your fully expressed self. It is powerful time to connect more deeply and intuitively with the earth and spirit as the veils thin and doorways of remembrance open.

Artwork – The Middle Way – Autumn Skye

Autumn Equinox is a very powerful threshold as we return to the reflective and yin-like qualities of the year as we enter Autumn and Winter. For me it marks the start of the Autumn Season and offers an open invitation to bring harmony and balance as we transition into this time. 

At this time, we reflect and reconnect with the sacred waters within, creating more natural flow and fluidity in areas of our life. This is a time we begin the shedding process, gratefully remembering all the beauty, growth, lessons and blessings of the year so far. We acknowledge, accept and honour the cycles that are coming to completion. We reconnect with the wildness, power, healing and depts of the feminine and we open up space within and around us for her to held and nourished.

At this turn in the calendar we will connect with the wildness within, where we have been tamed and what that has meant for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We lean on and into the maturity and wisdom acquired from our journey and experiences. We will hear stories of wild, brave and bold women and reclaim those forgotten aspects that we too hold.

This will be a very sacred and special reconnection with the sacred waters and portals we hold within us which hold a direct relationship to how we express and connect with the world around us. These are the parts of us that have been most denied, dismissed, exploited or dis-empowered for the feminine. In reclaiming the boldness, the bravery, the wildness and power within we heal and transform on the deepest of levels. We alchemise our pain or suffering and reclaim our birth right for pleasure, purpose and creative power.

Artwork – The Call of the River – Autumn Skye

This circle is open to all women (women identifying), young and old who wish to remember and reclaim harness and radiate their divine feminine self. During this circle we will hold space for one another, connect through discussion, ceremony, songs and words. We will be doing some gentle movement and breathwork and finishing with a beautiful healing and meditation. I will also share some deeper journaling and spiritual practices you can continue after the circle.

Sunday September 27th 10.00 – 13.00 via Zoom. 

Investment €30 – Click here to register and secure your spot.

Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact Mel.