Mother and Daughter 1st Moon Ceremony

Mother and Daughter 1st Moon Ceremony

Our first Moon time, our first menstruation was once a time of celebration, a transition from childhood into a womanhood. In many places around the world the young woman would have been given a huge celebration and initiation into womanhood by the whole family and community.

However, these ancient traditions and ceremonies have been long forgotten and in their place is usually shame, fear or embarrassment about our monthly cycle.

I feel compelled to share this ceremony with mothers and daughters at this very special time in their lives after gifting the Maiden Rites of Gráinne in a very moving and powerful Moon Mná women’s circle this year.

During this circle I realised that most women have had uncomfortable, unremarkable, embarrassing or painful memories of their first moon time, myself included. During the ceremony we reclaimed and restored any power lost in guilt, pain, embarrassment or shame during this time.

I believe that this is a very important and empowering time for a young woman. I want young women to know that this is a time of celebration and not something to be hidden or embarrassed by.

During this ceremony;

  • We will honour both the Maiden and her wonderfully youthful, vibrant and fearless energy and the nurturing, loving and wise energy of the Mother through some simple and beautiful rituals.  
  • We will listen to and chat about the history and forgotten traditions around the world of women and their moon times. We will also learn about Goddess Gráinne in the Irish Celtic tradition.
  • We will encourage an open and honest discussion about our own experiences and advice we would have liked to have known when we were of similar age.
  • I will gift the Maiden Rites of Gráinne to the Mother’s* and then to the young women.
  • We will finish with a tea ceremony and a small gift for each maiden.

*Mother’s, Grandmothers, Godmother’s, Aunties, female Guardians are all welcome to accompany once given permission from their legal guardian.

** This ceremony can happen any time after/ close to first moon time.

If you would like to participate in our next Mother and Daughter First Moon Ceremony or have any questions please get in contact @             


  1. If you would like to discuss a private ceremony with your daughter and her friends and their mothers/ guardians this could be arranged.
  2. Or you may be interested in a private ceremony for you and the women in your family. Regardless of age or when your first moon time was, this ceremony is very powerful and poignant.
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