Energy Healing

As above, so below,

As within, so without.

When we retrace the origin of the word heal, we see its original meaning was “to make whole”. The word health originated from the same thread, meaning wholeness, holy and sacred.

Our modern understanding of health and healing are so far removed from this deeper understanding and importance of truly honouring, nurturing and nourishing our whole ourselves.

We are all on a journey of healing wounded our parts in this lifetime. Many wounded fragments of our whole selves are locked and lost in timelines, preventing us from being wholly expansive, empowered and connected in the present moment.

Many modern healing modalities look to heal only one aspect of the self, usually the physical body or the mind. This may work for part of our healing but not for it all as most of our pain and wounds are held deep within the cellular and energetic bodies. If we do not go deeper within the whole self and to the root of the matter, we will continue to perpetuate the same cycles of distortion, lack, limitation and separation. 

The world around us thrives and benefits from our wounds, insecurities, vulnerabilities and disconnection from our whole and holy self. To take responsibility of our whole self, consciously and intentionally is a rebellious act and can have a major ripple effect in our life and for the wider collective. Many choose to stay stuck in the familiar disempowering and contracting cycles because they fear their truth more than their pain.

 This healing can be confronting, demanding, liberating and joyous and everything in between. I do not believe we are here at this time to suffer and sacrifice ourselves in past pain, beliefs, fears or attachments that perpetuate disconnection with our whole self. I believe we are here to transmute and alchemise the fears and pains we meet in our lifetime, so we can fully express, embody and be empowered by our whole truth and essence.

You’re not lost, you’re being called home.

Within these alchemising energy sessions, you will be gently and safely guided into a space of deep relaxation. Within this protected, safe and sacred container you will be invited to journey back within to your high holy heart centre, to witness and embrace all of who you are and came here to be. You will be guided and led by your highest self and knowing to remember, reclaim and reconnect with that which is being called home during the session. As therapist/ Soul Guide I will call in your divine healing team through the highest Sophia Christ light, assisting and integrating the energy and healing.

Some of the reasons why clients book in with me;

– To relax and soothe the mind, body, heart and soul.

– To connect deeper with their highest vibration of unconditional love.

– To support and witness them on their journey of healing.

– To break through blocks and barriers that are preventing them from moving forward.

– To break continuous cycles of fear, pain or disempowerment that they feel stuck or trapped within.

– To bring more wholeness, union, harmony and love to their lives.

– To welcome in new experiences, opportunities, miracles and abundance in their lives.

– For support on their path of deeper remembrance and reconnection within.

I have spent many years exploring and learning about various modalities, all of which invited me to deepen my own connection within. Over the years I have been guided to remember and reclaim many practices and techniques held within. I work with the Divine Angelic & Elemental energies and Sound Frequencies. I also incorporate breathwork, crystals, sacred oils into the healing also. I look forward to witnessing your remembrance of your truth, strength, power, radiance and importance. I am honoured to walk with you on on your journey.

In love, always Melanie xxx

My exploration and training to date;

I am currently studying with Felicity Warner and deepening my connection with sacred oils and the ancient tradition of the Myyrhophore.

Advanced Sound Therapy Practitioner – Sound Healing levels I, II, III and Sound Bath Facilitator with Celtic School of Sound Healing 2020 – 2022

Angelic Energy Healing Therapy – Levels 1- 7 and Angelic Crystals with Debbie Boyle of Angelic Connections 2018 – 2021

Seichim Level I, II & Master with Patricia Sheehan 2016

Reiki levels I, II, III & Masters with Patricia Sheehan 2014 – 2016

In addition to these healing modalities I have also studied Health & Wellbeing Coaching, NLP – Neuro linguistic Programming, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Yoga (Hatha & Yin), Meditation and Mindfulness and Sacred Feminine trainings.

Healing Session Offerings

121 Online or in person healing

The sessions will last for 75 minutes, start to finish

Investment is €70

In person healings are held in Dublin, Ireland.

Offer of 15% discount when you purchase 3 sessions together at €180.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

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