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Purify & Protect

Silence the noise and distraction from the outside world and learn to live in peace and empowerment.

Purify and Protect is a self paced course that offers you powerful foundational knowledge of how to consciously work with energy so you feel connected with the world around you, rather than overwhelmed by it.

For sensitive and intuitive people, learning to work with energy can be truly transformational.

I would love to teach you how to become wise with energy.

What this course offers

Peace & presence – Knowing when, why and how to regulate and nurture your whole being from the stressors and overload within your environment.

Power – Better resourced to support yourself in response rather than reaction to life, day to day and when the greater challenges arise in life.

Purpose & passion – A deeper sense of connection to self, nature and the people in your life which will enhance and enrich your relationships.

Why do you need this?

Saturation – You feel overwhelmed. You feel burned out. You feel exhausted by life.

Sensitivity – You feel deeply. You are highly sensitive. You are an empath. You try to fix other people’s problems. You take responsibility for the emotions of others. You are a people pleaser.

Suppression – You push down and ignore your emotions, instead of feeling, honouring and processing them.

Maybe you are like me, I am a big feeler and connect deeply with those around me. Before, I suppressed my feelings, took responsibility for, held and carried the feelings of those around me. It depleted and drained me and stopped me from being true to myself, my needs and desires. Now I see my ability to feel and connect as one of my great gifts and strengths. I want this for you too.

This is for you if…

You have an overactive mind and your thoughts seem loud and cloud your ability to respond or connect with others/ your life. 

You feel a lot of emotions, you may feel like you are hypersensitive and carry or process a lot of emotions, some of which are not yours. 

You feel hypervigilant and cautious or overreactive and defensive. 

You are aware that trying to please others, keep the peace, taking responsibility for the feelings of others is draining and depleting you.

You are in a challenging situation, time, workplace, relationship and you want to protect yourself while you make changes.

Inside you will find…

Simple and short but powerful and practical tools to;  

Enable you to reconnect with yourself and understand your energy field. 

Guidance to fine tune your awareness of your individual needs 

Explore and identify your unique way of connecting to the world

Cleanse and clear your mind, body and energy. 

Harmonise your energy field so that you can rest & regulate your whole system 

Nurture and nourish yourself so you can tap into your potential & inner wisdom 

Protect and honour your needs, intentions and boundaries

What that looks like…. 

Section 1 – In depth introduction and inventory of your individual needs

Section 2 – Connect with your soul and spirit through the element of energy

Section 3 – Connect with your inner stability and strength through the element of earth

Section 4 – Connect with your inner vision and voice through the element of air

Section 5 – Connect with your inner energy and expression through the element of fire

Section 6 – Connect with your inner feelings and flow through the element of water

Bonus Morning and Evening practice – These short (less than 10mins) practice will bookend your day in true, deep connection to your whole self.

Bonus Heart light recalibration practice – The heart is the centre of our physical being, seat of our heart and soul, wisdom keeper in our life. The heart is the bridge between spirit and matter.

Bonus – Elemental movement practice – Deeply connect in with your body and the elements in this moving meditative practice.

Questions you may have;

Do I need to have studied energy practices before?

No, all the practices are explained in written form and also have accompanying audio tracks for you to practice with guidance. The idea is that you practice the technique to become comfortable and confident so that then you will not require the guided track.

Will this take a lot of time, I am very busy.

I have intentionally not overloaded this course with material that will overwhelm or overload, after all the course is about lightening the load. If you had the time you could dedicate a couple of hours at a time or if you didn’t, you could take 20-30 minute slots instead. In total I would say the course could take approximately 10hours, that includes an intro book of 30 pages plus reflective self-inquiry, audio tracks and practices most averaging 10-15 minutes, eBooks ranging from 15 – 20 pages.

I need practical tools that I can use everyday in my life, is this all energy and deeper consciousness stuff?

One of the main intentions of the course was to keep it practical and grounded, simple yet powerful. This is the reason I incorporated the 4 elements in so deeply, they are tangible and visible all around and within us. The invitation offered is to have a short morning and evening practice, then stack additional intentions, prayers and rituals on top of everyday tasks like eating, drinking, washing etc.

Do I need to buy anything to support my practices?

No, your time and intention are all that is needed.

Do I need to be able to meditate? I have tried so many times and can’t do it.

No – I share lots of guided practices which is how I first got into meditation. I found it easier to drop into my body and heart when I was being guided as I would have a very active mind. This then led me to develop my own practice that works best for me. This is also a very big intention within this course, that you find practices that best suit you, your life stage, needs and desires.

I know quite a bit about energy practices and tools already, would this benefit me in anyway?

I recently came backs to the basics in my devotional and energetic practices and in doing so I remembered the power in simplicity. This is one of the reasons I wanted to share this course now, I believe everyone should have a basic foundational practice at this time of great change and transformation. Taking ownership of our whole being has never been more necessary and important. If you feel like you need to hit the refresh button on your foundational practices I would say this course would be a great way to do that. Also, you may not have practices woven with the elements, just energy based. Working with nature and the elements enables us to deeply embody and integrate that which we perceive on the higher levels of consciousness in a very steady and grounded way – think deeper roots, taller stronger tree.

Your energy is your greatest currency.

Spend it well.

Invest it wisely.

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