You’re not lost or broken, you’re being called home.

Its time to listen and truly hear the call of your soul – to return home and reconnect with your whole self.

Its time, to cut free from the binding ties and barriers that continue to diminish your true essence, vibrancy & soul’s highest path.

Its time to redefine and reclaim all of who you are and embody your whole and holy self.

How can you have a conscious, loving, liberating, abundant and expansive relationship with life if you don’t have one with yourself?

You fear knowing yourself in depth because you are afraid of what may be uncovered. The unknown can be scary, but it is within the darkness that all life begins and where so many treasures, growth and beauty are unveiled.

Not all inner work is hard and daunting – many parts are uncomfortable for sure but mostly the inner work is liberating, healing and soothing. You finally begin to make space for the parts of you that have been dismissed, isolated or hidden in an effort to protect yourself.

Noble and understandable as that is, now it is time to embrace all parts of yourself while honouring and nurturing them. As you reclaim your pain and the power and purpose it truly provided, you are no longer tied to a painful past and you can begin to soar high and free, thriving and liberated.

It’s time to know the depths of your fears and wounds so you can embrace, accept and heal them. In doing so you can reclaim the power they intended instead of living by the pain that was created.

First, we must unravel to reveal as we return to the roots and the truths in your heart and soul. We will identify the blocks and barriers so that you can redefine reclaim and reignite your light, power, autonomy and essence. Remembering who you came here to be and living your life through the embodiment and expression of that light. Moving from a life of fear and contraction to a life of empowerment and expansion

This is not a regular coaching journey

When we live a life determined by goals, aspirations and expectations designed and perpetuated by the world around us, we may end up spending our life getting what we want but not what we need.

Re-establishing your connection with your whole self and soul can unveil the truth of what you need and what is most important for you to remember, embody and express in this lifetime.

You can choose to live your life by the fears in your mind and the pain held in your body or by the power, purpose, passion and infinite love in your heart.

I am here to guide you as you remember all of who you are and all of who you came here to be in this life.

I am here to witness and honour your journey as you return to wholeness, standing confidently and courageously without condition or apology.

I am here to support you as you reclaim the expansive, liberated and deeply connected life you were born to live.

I’m here to aid and assist alchemy in your life. To guide and stand by you, while you transform your pain and fears into empowerment and wholeness.

Your souls’ highest path and heart’s expansive journey is calling you.

Stop cancelling the call and ghosting your heart & soul.

Stop pretending, settling, sacrificing and suffering.

Its time! It’s time to release the old, return to wholeness and reclaim all of who you are.    

I cannot wait to be with you every step of the way.

A Return to Wholeness

12 Week Coaching Journey

Homecoming – Return and Reconnect

Your heart and soul have been calling you home for some time now. Finally you are ready to begin this journey to wholeness. Firstly you return – turn back and change course with intention, back to your roots via the wisdom and knowing of your heart and soul. Reconnecting and realigning with your true self and highest Soul path and blueprint once again.

Life inventory

Values, vision and Vibration

Heart and Soul realignment

Soul Map and Blueprint

Daily Reconnecting Practices

Remember – Release and Reawaken

To remember all of who you came here to be you must first unravel and reveal all that which limits and confines you from living a life of expression and expansion. In this deep remembrance you will be supported and guided to release the binding and draining ties of pain and fear so as to reawaken the potential, purpose and power within.

Perceptions & Limiting Beliefs & Stories

Sacrificing, Suffering and Settling

Core Fears, Pains and traumas

Peace, purpose & power

Alchemising pain to power – Healing at the root

Remembrance and reactivation of your truth

Embodiment – Renew and reignite

From this deep remembrance and release you will be called to reignite and embody the true light and essence of who you are and who you came here to be. As you redefine and renew your intentions and actions you will begin to live a life aligned with your whole self, without condition or apology.

Redefining and recreating your connection with your Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit

Deepening your connection with your whole self

Relationships and boundaries

Reclaiming full responsibility of your life & Amplifying your light and truth

Doing what matters

Healing and expansion tools and techniques

Sovereignty – Reclaim and reflect

Ultimately this journey is about empowerment, sovereignty and reclaiming your whole self. In your reclamation you choose to represent your most sovereign self – honouring and nourishing all parts of your whole self, the light & dark, the healed & healing, the pain & power. You will know your ability to rise rooted, again and again, in the cycles of your life, empowered, worthy, whole and holy.

Expansion and empowerment

Self-worth & Confidence

Divine Union Within

Acceptance, Integration & Alignment

Anchoring your truth and continuing your journey forward


A short call to ensure we are fit well together.

Initial 90 minutes session to lay the foundations for our time together.

11 Weekly 60 minutes sessions (Online via Zoom) and support from me outside of our sessions (whats app / email / voice note).

Optional monthly distant remote healing during our time together.

Bespoke guided meditations and visualisations.

Access to additional resources, tools and techniques to assist you on your journey.

As a Well-being Coach, trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy  and Intuitive Energy and Sound Healer I bring a combination techniques and teachings to our sessions.

Investment; €1222 – Payment plans available

Realignment Sessions

A short call to ensure we are fit well together ( If we haven’t worked together already)

121 Coaching for 60 minutes (Online via Zoom)

Realigning you in mind, body, heart and spirit.

Guidance and coaching for you and your life right now.

Investment €111 for 1 x 60 minute session or

€299 for 3 x 60 minute sessions

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