Holistic Well-Being Coaching

Do you want more from your life?

Do you always daydream of living a different one completely?

Have you had enough of feeling stuck, unsatisfied, unfulfilled and unworthy in life?

Do you feel lost and like the life you dream of is always out of reach?                                         


You’re not lost, you’re being called home.

You’ve been looking outside of yourself for the things you can only find within.

You’ve been hoping and believing that once you reach, attain or achieve something in your external world everything will magically fall into place, but it never does.

Now is the time to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and quick fixes.

Now is the time to take responsibility for creating the life of your dreams.

Now is the time to go within to hear the answers that were there all along.

Are you ready to be the change you want to see?

It is time to reclaim your power, your truth, your worth and your purpose.

It is time to unapologetically and unconditionally shine brightly and boldly as your true, authentic self.

While I cannot make the changes for you, I will be there every step of the way to empower you, to encourage you, to guide and challenge you and most importantly to hold space for you on this transformative journey.

I will be there to celebrate the wins, big and small as you break down the barriers that have held you stuck for so long.


3 Month Coaching Package

  • Reconnect with who you truly are at your core essence.
  • Realign with what you want and need in all areas of your life.
  • Undo and breakthrough the old thoughts, patterns, barriers and mindsets that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Reclaim your life and begin to nurture and nourish your whole self – mind, body, heart and soul.

Investment; €555 – Six, 1-hour coaching calls over 3 month period – Payment plans available


3 Month Combined Coaching & Healing Package

  • Reharmonize all areas of your life with this unique and powerful combination of coaching and energetic healing.
  • Reconnect with your true self to release what no longer serves you.
  • Overcome the barriers holding you back from a life of purpose and fulfilment.
  • Learn specific tools to honour, nurture and nourish your whole self – mind, body, heart and soul.

Investment; €444 – For 3, 1-hour coaching calls and 3, 1-hour healing sessions over 3month period – Payment plans available


6 Month Coaching Package

  • Redefine the life you have been living to one that nourishes and fulfils your mind, body, heart and soul.
  • Identify and release the barriers to change that have been holding you stuck.
  • Transform your mindset and relationship with everything and everyone in your life. 
  • Raise your awareness, alter your perspectives and change your life.
  • Reignite your life with the passion, confidence, clarity and meaning you always wanted.

Investment; €1111 – For 12, 1-hour coaching calls over 6month period – Payment plans available

Each coaching experience will be as unique as you are and will be tailored exactly to your needs.

Topics often covered include limiting beliefs, fixed and negative mindset, unhealthy relationships, inner critics, fear, stress, anxiety, healing from past experiences, boundaries, barriers to change and much more.

I offer 30-minute discovery call to see what best package will suit where you are at on your journey right now. Contact me now to arrange a call.


I found Mel at a time in my life when I was feeling really low and unable to see past the obstacles I believed were in front of me. Work was stressful, my health had taken a downturn, and I wasn’t making any time for friends/family because I genuinely considered myself to be a burden […]


When Mel sent out a message looking for clients for her life coaching classes in May 2016, I ignored it (Sorry for that Mel!). What did I need coaching for? I was content with life – my family was healthy, I’d lost weight, I’d gotten more responsibilities in work and I had managed to find […]