Have you had enough of feeling lost, unsatisfied and unfulfilled in life?

Do you want more from your life?

Do you dream of living a different life completely?

You’re not lost or broken, you’re being called home.

You’ve been looking outside of yourself for the things you can only find within.

You’ve been hoping and believing that once you reach, attain or achieve something in your external world everything will magically fall into place.

Now is the time to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and quick fixes.

Now is the time to take responsibility for creating the life of your dreams.

Now is the time to go within to hear the answers that were there all along.

Are you ready to be the change you want to see?

It is time to reclaim your power, your truth, your worth and your purpose.

It is time to unapologetically and unconditionally stand brightly and boldly as your true, authentic self.

Where your fear is, there is your task – Carl Jung

For too long we have lived a life of confinement and contraction when we crave expansion and expression.

For too long we have accepted a life that is dominated and dictated by fear.

Fear separates us from our true state of being and our beauty and from the beauty of everyone and everything around us.

Fear would have us believe we cannot make changes in our life, that we are underserving of happiness or unworthy of the divine love that we are.

Fear would have us stay in cycles of trauma, limiting beliefs and stories, destructive co-depend relationships, crippling self-talk, inward and outward judgement, anxiety and worry.

Fear would have us be obsessive, possessive, controlling and attached to experiences, things and people in our life.

Fear would have us disconnect from our physical body and mistreat it just as we have disconnected from our sacred earth.

Fear would have us distrust, doubt and question our inner knowing and guidance. Fear would have us dismiss and forget our connection and true divine essence.

But FEAR is not the way, it never was! You don’t have to wait for a breakdown to have a breakthrough. You don’t have to live a life aligned with fear. You don’t have to wait for the right time or the perfect conditions.

Right now, you can reclaim your whole self in mind, body, heart and soul and stand strongly in your sovereignty and personal power.

Right now, you can realign with your true self and begin a journey of remembrance and recalibration.

Right now, you can reclaim what is rightfully yours, rise rooted in certainty of your true divine self and soar, living the life you were born to live.

Are you ready to answer the call?

I would be honoured to share part of this journey with you. It will be a deep and insightful journey that will require courage to commit to yourself wholly and completely. It will require radical responsibility on your part to continue to show up for yourself, which won’t always be easy but will most definitely be worth it.

I will be there to hold space and support you to dive deep within to remember, reclaim and reignite your passions, self-worth, joy, meaning and much more.

Well-being & Soul Guidance Coaching

12 Week Coaching Journey

  • A short call to ensure we are fit well together.
  • Initial 90 minutes session to lay the foundations for our time together.
  • 10 Weekly 60 minutes sessions (Online via Zoom) and support from me outside of our sessions (whats app / email / voice note).
  • Tasks and activities to assist in your journey between each session.
  • Optional monthly distant remote healing during our time together.
  • Bespoke guided meditations and visualisations.
  • As a Well-being Coach, NLP practitioner and Intuitive Healer I bring a combination of old and new techniques and teachings to our sessions.

What would the sessions look like?

Each client is on their own unique journey, so no two journeys are the same. If you fully commit to this unique soul journey you can expect some or all of the following;

  • Shed the fears that have dictated your life this far and realign with joy, compassion, abundance, freedom and peace.
  • Learn how to tune in and trust your inner guidance system.
  • Transformation of relationship with self and others.
  • Undo and breakthrough old thoughts patterns, habits and behaviours.
  • Shift and transform closed or limited mindset.
  • Identify and rewrite the stories that are holding you stuck or unfulfilled.
  • Understanding and dealing with negative self-talk and inner critic.
  • Shift and transform judgement or self and others.
  • Release old attachments and negative drains in your life.
  • Reignite passions, creativity, dreams and joy in your life.
  • Nurturing and nourishing the whole mind, body, heart and soul.
  • Reclaim personal power and rise rooted from your own inner strength and knowing.
  • Release the need for external validation or comfort zones and learn how to be courageous and bold independently.

Investment; €1222 – Payment plans available

Individual Sessions

Individual 1:1 sessions are also available if you are not ready to dive into the 12 week journey or want guidance or coaching for something specific that is going on for you in your life right now.

Investment €111 for 1 x 60 minute session or

€299 for 3 x 60 minute sessions


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