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This series of expansion workshops will run throughout 2021, each reconnecting you with your whole self. Each workshop will empower and enable you to reclaim or realign with the aspects of yourself you may have lost, forgotten, ignored or hidden for whatever reasons up to now. These workshops are an invitation to shift from contraction to expansion, confinement to liberation and powerlessness to empowerment.

Join us for on April 25th for our next expansion workshop.

A 2 hour interactive workshop to deeply enhance your relationship with yourself and others through the lens of your emotion.

Investment €35

Emotions are your superpower. They are your connection with your heart and soul in the physical body. They are not something to understand, they’re something to be felt and listened to for they are forever aligning you to your truth.
Emotions are one of our most valuable tools in our lives and like many of our powerful tools have been deemed as something we should dismiss, ignore or avoid. Our emotions are intelligent and intricate messages from within that enhance our connection and bring meaning to our actions and relationships. The belief that to be emotional or sensitive is to be weak or vulnerable is so deeply ingrained in our society and has disconnected from our emotional selves.
For as long as we are alive, we are going to have emotions and more importantly we are the ones modelling emotionality and expression for the generations to come. When we attune and honour our emotions, we begin to interact with the world around us from the inside out rather than the outside in. We enhance and enrich our relationships with ourselves and others. We allow ourselves to heal deeply, breaking discordant ties or connections to past experiences.

In this workshop we will explore;
 Emotional awareness and connection
 Emotional beliefs patterns and behaviours present
 Boundaries ( or lack of )
 Relationship with yourself and others
 Self-expression and communication with others
 Deep emotional healing
 Emotions, the energetic body and dis-ease within the body.
 Practices to honour and support your whole self
+ Workbook for deeper personal reflection

VIP option €111 (for 5 attendees only)

– Attend the workshop + avail of 45 minute 121 coaching session with me to gain deeper insight and transformation for your life specifically.
– An additional offer for VIP attendees is to receive €250 voucher off the 3 Month Coaching journey I offer (Expires within 4 weeks of the workshop).
– I will get in contact with you when you purchase your VIP ticket to organise a time and date that suits you.

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