Spring Equinox

Beannachtaí Cónocht an Earraigh ~ Spring Equinox blessings

The equinoxes are a beautiful turning point with a poignant and powerful message to share.

Each of the turning points on the Celtic Wheel, the wheel of the ancients, in not just Ancient Ireland but indigenous tradition around the world is a threshold. A doorway. A pause point to catch a breath, reflect what the last cycle had unfolded or gifted before moving forward.

In today’s world we have very little time for pause points or reflection let alone a want to honour and celebrate.

The potency of the equinox is that it has equal day and night, which in our strive for perfection we may say it is a balance point and then strive for some illusive and static midpoint when life is ever flowing and changing.

Again we seek outside of ourselves for some comfort and harmony. When in fact us and nature are never either or, we are in constant ebb and flow with all things that is the dualistic world we live in.

We hold all things all the time, our awareness allows us to navigate in any one moment what we need more or less of.

Equinox is more about union and harmony between the opposing polarities within and in our lives, masculine & feminine, wrong & right, action & rest, intuition & logic. From this space and understanding we rise, like the spring flowers, blossoms & Buds, like Imbas, like shakti, like serpant energies. We rise from the fear and insecurity held in the lower chakras & consciousness to our highest knowing and connection with all life.

Equanimity means fairness, calmness and composure in a difficult situation. Equinox reminds and offers us that peace, harmony, and composure to hold all of what is showing up in any situation and know that from the darkness or scarcity (like winter) we can rise once again.

Union is the underlying message for wholeness and all I share about wholeness. Union of all parts, light and dark within as we reclaim our wholeselves. Union within relationships. Union with the physical and the spiritual. Union within all things because with this union comes wholeness and with wholeness we remember we are not broken. We are reunited and whole and taking full responsibility of all of who we are from that point on.

What is rising in you at this time?

Where in you life would you like to bring some peace, harmony and Union?

As we move into the light half of the year what would you like to bring more illumination to?

What seeds of intention are you planting at this time and committing to nourishing and watering with the sacred waters of life (within and without) over the coming months of bloom and growth?

May all your seeds bloom in their own divine timing and may you have the faith and patience to nourish them until that time. 

Spring equinox also occurs as the astrological year begins again. Both the sun and the moon bring beautiful yin and yang energies from the heavens above. The similarities in both these interpretations and connections to Mother Earth and the stars above reinforces our connections with the whole universe and the unity of everything within it.

As we celebrate Spring Equinox we also welcome the sun into the first zodiac sign of Aries. The sun in Aries gifts us with the energy and fire in our belly to start again, to dream and to take action on our deepest desires. Aries is the leader, direct, youthful and enthusiastic which intertwines beautifully and harmoniously with the season of spring.

Aries season ( I am ) is a great time to get to know yourself on a deeper level so that we can speak our truth and live our life from that truth. As it is the beginning of the astrological year it is an invitation to release any fear you may have about moving forward and to set intentions and wishes for the year ahead.

This is a beautiful creative and reflective practice to make space for over these days of the amplified Spring Equinox energies. Allow yourself to drop into the present moment, awaken your creative flow and listen to the insight, Imbas and illumination rising within you at this time.

Spring Equinox Create and Reflect equinox practice


Le grá,

With love,


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