Integration & Recalibration

How can you have a conscious, loving, liberating, abundant and expansive relationship with life if you do not have one with yourself?


No matter where our journey takes us in life we will inevitably go through cycles of death, rebirth and growth. As you know, the more you tune into these internal cycles the more acceptance, nourishment, nurture or support you can allow in to help with these transitions. The transitions can be uncomfortable, disconcerting and draining to say the least. You may feel as if you are nearly in the new yet not fully out of the old – this limbo like place keeps us in tug a war between two states of being, often for longer than we’d like or is necessary. You may feel this transition as we move through the annual seasons or as you journey with your internal seasons or menstrual flow.

I feel, this past year has been a big transition period, where we find ourselves between worlds, almost in this liminal space. We have been living yet not really living as is natural to us – doing what fills and lights us up has been severely restricted.

A bigger question to contemplate might be – Where we ever in our natural flow?

We have been working and doing what needs to be done yet not feeling fully fulfilled or enriched. There have been waves of positivity and lows of hopelessness and grief and everything in between. We have probably moved through the biggest transition for humanity in our lifetime and maybe for many generations to come.

With such a huge transition that we are feeling both collectively and individually comes deep shedding and release of the old and intense integration and recalibration as we move forward into this new cycle.

At this point I feel we are really being called to address the shedding and death of many parts of us, old beliefs and behaviours, old masks and conditions and even old paradigms of how we heal what we have been going through. But not to dwell on them or have them define us as we have done in the past. Total reframing and perspective is needed as we move forward.

 I truly feel we are all being called to anchor in the new in our own individual lives. That might be as we parent or run our business, how we treat the Earth or love within our relationships. This is no walk in the park – it will take radical honesty, responsibility and faith.

For many, the fear and worry of abandonment and rejection from the tribe is amplified so much so that they cannot begin to believe the power they have within them and will go to great lengths to defend their ‘truth’. Many people are stuck in FEAR mode. Maybe this is true for you too? I too have felt waves of this over the course of the last year.

To integrate the truth of who we are and came here to be, we need to consciously and intentionally support that integration and recalibration.

Reflections at this time…

Notice how you have been feeling as we transition, particularly over the year – have you been drained, exhausted, down, worried? How have you been supporting yourself through that? Or maybe you have been excited, inspired and fired up? How have you been supporting yourself through that?

At this time, we are being invited to be crystal clear with our intentions and desires – to honestly sow those seeds of intention from a place of deep integrity, faith and trust rather than perception, fear and worry.

Are you or others around you stuck in fear or insecurity? Is the constant fear, hopelessness or despondency impacting your energy, choices or decisions? How is that working for you? Are you being caller to reclaim autonomy of your energy and vibration in any way?

What is really true for you in this lifetime? What are the fears and blocks you continue to face and are you ready to finally release yourself of their binding and draining ties?

How much of your truth do you embody – when you state your intentions or voice your affirmations are you dropping into your heart and soul and truly embodying the vibration they hold?

If you would like to dive deeper into these reflections with me in a 121 setting through a coaching or energy healing session please get in touch.

In love, always,


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