Into the Deep

Are the deep waters calling you?

Maybe it is time to stop splashing around tentatively in the shallow waters and dive deep into the abundant waters of life.

To thread the surface is to stay in the shallow and superficial dimensions of the physical and spiritual self and of life itself.

Here on the surface love is traded for lust, abundance for wealth, authenticity for status or notoriety and connection is traded for attention and sex.

This trading and settling leads to obsession, addiction, separation and limitation. As we unconsciously accept and adhere to the conditioned beliefs and behaviours we use our autonomy to buy from and into the very systems and dimensions that bind and limit us – within which we have no real autonomy. It is a placebo, a small leash of confinement and perceived freedom. Until we see it, we will defend and honour it like a good boy or girl. Of course it is a terrifying act to denounce our tribe, caregivers or keepers of the society we live in. But if we never question or dive deep within we will never know or embody our true essence.

On the surface we settle for less than, holding the belief that we are not worthy of such deep richness in our lives, continually denying our divine awareness, power and potential. On the surface we stay in the mind realm of life and discount the infinite soul and eternal heart.

On the surface our perception is distorted to believe we live in scarcity and to hold on tight to what you can accumulate. On the surface we live in fear, questioning every motive and are consistently in defend and protect mode. Within this heightened stress and disconnection it makes it harder to unite and meet ourselves and others fully and wholly.

Those who choose to deep dive into life practice complete surrender to the unknown. Just because it is unknown doesn’t mean it is dangerous or something to fear. How many first or unknowns have become your favourite people, places, practices?

Those who choose to deep dive see the richness, depth and abundance that is available to us all. The deeper we dive the more we fulfil our lives and fill up our cup. To dive deeper is to fully embrace experiences, to feel the fear for sure but to be anchored in the courage of your heart.

Those who choose to deep dive know that change and pain is inevitable in this life but that growth, expansion and true connection will always be worth the moments of grief or fear. They are forever anchored in faith and trust in themselves and the path they chose to walk in this lifetime.

In the deep waters of life there is space and freedom and liberation and an infinite source of meaning and purpose. The crystalline waters of this life hold the remembrance you are seeking in the shallow waters above. Until you dive deep within, you will never know the beauty and magic in the mystery of the sacred holy waters of life.

I choose depth, abundance, meaning and purpose.

I choose deep connection.

I choose deep feeling.

I choose deep wisdom.

I choose deep intuition.

I choose deep compassion.

I choose deep forgiveness.

I choose deep pain.

I choose deep pleasure.

I choose deep sovereignty above all else.

Some reflection questions to ask yourself if this piece resonated with you –

  1. How much do you sacrifice yourself to fit in to be accepted to an externally created ideal of who you should be?
  2. Do they really know better? Don’t you know you the best? Where are you settling in life?
  3. Where are you being called to dive deep into the unknown in your life? Can you surrender your fear and trust that there are treasures that await you?

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