WHat ripples and waves are you creating?

What we do in life echoes in eternity – Marcus Aurelius

What waves and ripples are you sending out in each moment? In each word or conversation? In each breath? In each action? What are you settling for, agreeing with or blindly following? Would you want it to last an eternity? It is said the ripple of one can reach 1,000 others. You are here on this planet, at this time for a very important reason.

In times of intensity in our lives, great shifts, massive growth, painful endings and daunting beginnings it is inevitable that we will feel overwhelmed and all consumed. Sometimes we try to keep going and our expectations and energy output increases, and the stress and burdens feel like a tonne weight.

As we are so adaptable this can quickly become a ‘new normal’, however there is nothing normal about it and it is only a matter of time before we crash and burn or explode. I feel the more stress and fear we feel the further and further we move away from our true vibration and frequency.

I believe we are here to remember and reconnect with our highest vibration and to consciously embody it and share it in the physical world we live in. I believe our highest vibration and frequency is who we are in our truest essence, light, spirit, soul – whatever name you wish to give it.

Our awareness guides us back to know and reconnect with it and our choices and free will determine how or if our deepest knowing and greatest light will be embodied and shared.

Our vibration similar to our fingerprint, our soulprint, is unique to us. There is no one else in the world who can hold the exact frequency that you vibrate. This is why it is so important for us to deeply know ourselves, know our fears and wounds, shed the old layers and masks and choose healing.  To know who and what lights us up and makes us feel alive, joyful and courageous. Then we are vibrating high and sending those ripples of energy into the world around us and beyond into eternity.

It is not something we have to find, attain or increase from the external environment. More like we have to be aware of what drain or inhibits the vibrancy of vibration so we can shed and release what doesn’t serve us and realign once again. When we build our awareness to notice when we are out of alignment and then honour our vibration through practices and intentions, we build mastery.

Fear and stress are big components to our alignment with our vibration and light. That’s why our nervous system is under so much pressure and why we need all the somatic soothing we can get. This is why nourishment and nurture of ourselves and our vibration is most important (especially now).

The more nourished and nurtured we are the quicker we are to catch things in the moment that impact on our vibration. Other things that can both inhibit or fuel our vibration at different times are – our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, fears, relationships, environment, nutrition, nature, hydration, sleep, entertainment/consumption, news, learning, movement, intimacy, breath, health, supplementation, hormones, menstrual cycle, creativity, play, adventure.

If you continue to nourish and nurture your inner fire and flame it is harder for the external forces to dim it.

What grounds you? Nourishes and nurtures you? How can you nurture your emotions, fears, wounds? How can you nourish your dreams and wishes? What roots have gone bad, rotted or broken that you don't need to bring with you into this year? As you rest and slumber what are you dreaming of? Envisioning? Are you aligned with your true North, your values, meaning and purpose? What knocked you off course? And what can you shift or do to realign once again?

Consult your inner compass and navigate back within. There you will find all the answers you need and so much more.

Remember you are here at this time for a very specific reason to shine your light and embody your true essence because that is exactly what is needed in this world right now. You are here to be aware of the things in your life that inhibit your light to shine and embody and practice the things that fuel your inner fire and flame.

Create some ripples that will make you smile and beam at your courage and strength when you’ve long left this world.

If you wish to really tune into your vibration and vision as you move forward on your path this year you might like to join us in our expansion workshop next week. The first in a series of group coaching is Values, Vision and Vibration. Read more here and book your spot.

Hope to see you there,

Love, always


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