Our True Nature

Where your fear is, there is your task

– Carl Jung

I believe we are born to live in alignment with our truth, our true nature, our true state of being.

We entered this world as LOVE, and we will leave it the same way.

LOVE is peace, harmony, joy, compassion, bliss, connection ( and all the other words that mean Love to you). It is our strongest and natural vibration and frequency. When we are not in alignment with this frequency, we feel it both individually and collectively.

First, we become aware of this truth, then deeper understanding follows, then we find growth and remembrance through practice and experience. I believe that is our purpose in life to remember and realign with our true self, our soul self and embody that in our day to day. So, while incredibly deep and infinitely profound in teaching it ultimately comes down to bringing the divine and unconditional love into the simplest things each day.

The practice is awareness but the biggest barrier we face is FEAR. This FEAR was cultivated and constructed thousands of years ago and permeates and is the glue that holds most, if not all, systems and societal structures in place. Fear is not he opposite of love it is the absence of it. If so, much of our world is created in FEAR then it is hard to be separated from it.  Instead we separate from our true self and then spend our lives seeking joy and fulfilment outside of ourselves.

For too long we have lived a life of confinement and contraction when we crave expansion and expression.

For too long we have accepted a life that is dominated and dictated by fear.

Fear separates us from our true state of being and our beauty which further separates us from the beauty of everyone and everything around us.

Fear would have us believe we cannot make changes in our life, that we are underserving of happiness or unworthy of the divine love that we are.

Fear would have us stay in cycles of trauma, limiting beliefs and stories, destructive co-dependent relationships, crippling self-talk, inward and outward judgement, anxiety and worry.

Fear would have us be obsessive, possessive, controlling and attached to experiences, things and people in our life.

Fear would have us disconnect from our physical body and mistreat it just as we have disconnected from our sacred earth.

Fear would have us distrust, doubt and question our inner knowing and guidance.

Fear would have us dismiss and forget our connection and true divine essence.

Fear is like a virus on our computer software that effects how the hardware works – it is not always apparent or easy to find the root cause of.

How does FEAR show up physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? We can’t really separate mind, body, heart and soul as they are all so intricately linked but here you see how much FEAR impacts us in different ways.


The body reiterates this knowing of our true vibration that is why it is always working to restore harmony and bring us back to a place of homeostasis.

  • Fear or Stress response = Fight or flight (physical / neurochemical response)
  • Muscular tension / Digestive issues / Headaches
  • Eating – nutrition / disordered eating
  • Inflammation due to stress /response = disease within the body
  • Energetic blocks and drains that lead to physical illnesses or pain.
  • Menstrual / reproductive imbalance or difficulties

Mentally & Emotionally

Our thoughts and behaviours mirror ingrained and conditioned beliefs and behaviours of fear. From which we have created various coping mechanisms to protect ourselves from perceived dangers of rejection/ abandonment/ disconnection. Becoming aware of these beliefs and behaviours can bring great awareness to their limiting, destructive or damaging side effects.

  • Limiting beliefs and language (should/ must/need to etc)
  • Not speaking or acting from our truth
  • Inner critic and negative self-talk
  • Anxiety disorders / depression  
  • Emotionally unaware or reactive / difficulty regulating or processing emotions
  • Restrictive and closed mindset
  • Low self-worth, self-esteem and self-care.
  • Lack of emotional boundaries
  • Habits and behaviours that do not serve us
  • Rigid thinking / controlling / attachment / manipulation


There is an observer self within, one that sees everything with compassion, unconditional love and non-judgement. You have access to infinite wisdom and guidance from within even though you have been taught otherwise. The Spiritual part of us is our inner GPS, our north star – guiding us and illuminating our path from our highest knowing. When we turn off or turn down the inner GPS we can feel;

  • Disconnected with self and life all around us
  • Denial of inner knowing and intuition
  • Neglect of avoidance of experiences that make you feel alive
  • Feel lost or broken or unworthy
  • Place all time and energy in others, in your job, family, partner
  • Live in FEAR rather than courage, faith and trust.

 FEAR is not the way, it never was!

You don’t have to wait for a breakdown to have a breakthrough. You don’t have to live a life aligned with fear. You don’t have to wait for the right time or the perfect conditions.

Right now, you can reclaim your whole self in mind, body, heart and soul and stand strongly in your sovereignty and personal power.

Right now, you can realign with your true self and begin a journey of remembrance and recalibration.

Right now, you can reclaim what is rightfully yours, rise rooted in certainty of your true divine self and soar, your true nature, living the life you were born to live.

We make choices everyday of what to eat, drink, watch so we can make choices of what will realign us each day with our truth. Remember that is alongside 1000s of years of conditioning so some days will be easier than others.

Remember FEAR = False Evidence Appearing As Real or Face Everything And Rise.

Dig deeper into these journal questions to see where FEAR is holding you back or stuck.

Q In what areas of my life is FEAR heavy and dominant?

Q How does that fear show up/what does it look like?

Q In what parts of my life would I like there to be less fear?

Q Where can I let go of some FEAR – how could I do that? Do I need support to do that?

Q Where can I bring in more love/ joy /creativity /harmony/peace/connection/bliss in my day?

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