Navigating Uncertainty

These are unprecedented times...

Now more than ever we…

For me these have been the most prevalent captions of 2020 and they are some of the most important words for us to take with us as we navigate through a global pandemic, lock down, social reform, revolution, injustice, inequality and beyond.

These are unprecedented times – unparalleled, extraordinary, exceptional and none of which most of us have seen in our lifetimes. We needed a big reset to slow the hell down and reflect on how we were living our lives. There is only so many times you can press the ask me later button for an upgrade before the system crashes completely.

We were sprinting around a mile a minute, reacting and responding to the consequences to our actions instead of being intentional with our time, love, well-being and behaviours.

Many of us lived a life disconnected from our true selves, our body, our friends, family, loved ones, our worldwide family and the very earth we walk upon – feeding our material or egoic needs before the true needs of ourselves or others.

Most of us ignored, minimised or denied the inherent inequality and discrimination our brothers and sisters continue to face around the world and here in Ireland every day.

We were living in a life of lack, polarity and separation instead of abundance, wholeness and union.

This collective turning point we find ourselves within is of the greatest importance of our lifetime. Ancestrally, generationally, individually, consciously and collectively. It is why we incarnated at this time, in this vessel and of this heart and soul. No longer can we ignore, wash away, hide away, dismiss away what has happened.

The trauma that has been felt and carried (individually and collectively), the pain and suffering that continues, does so, because we choose to ignore, because we choose to turn a blind eye.

Consciously or unconsciously, we know in facing it we must face everything within us (the good and bad, the light and dark) as well as everything around us. To be vulnerable and humble in a world that honours the ego and pride terrifies many, but it is essential for us personally and for humanity.

When we truly commit to our own inner healing and growth we courageously and vulnerably revisit the wounds of those we have hurt and those of which we carry ourselves. Those wounds need healing, those wounds need to be acknowledged, accepted and integrated before we can move on collectively, harmoniously and in unity.

Instead of berating yourself for doing or not doing, feeling guilty, angry, shameful, overwhelmed or heartbroken, pause and allow yourself to fully lean in and feel every wave of emotion. The more you resist, the stronger the current becomes and the further it carries you from the shore.

We needed this enforced change of pace, a pause point and reflection time. Without it, we could not move forward and transform how we live in this world. The deeply hidden, repressed emotions, thoughts, traumas and injustices that we so skilfully avoided had time to percolate and rise to the surface of our awareness.

Maybe because we questioned and valued our own freedom in this period were we so open to see that freedom is a luxury not accessible to all.

Maybe having a break from ‘normality’ was in fact a gift to realign with what we value most in our own lives and what is really important in the world.

Or maybe as our attention was held on the destruction and hold a virus can take could we see the real viruses that plague humanity.

No one will escape this transformation in consciousness and humanity without having to face something within themselves that they were repressing or out of alignment with.

2020 is the year when everything is cracked wide open

– our way of living, our beliefs, but most importantly

– our hearts.

There is no gold star for how well you make it through this year, the rewards will be felt much more deeply than external gratification, in your own life and for generations to come.

As the butterfly knows all too well, the transformation is not always easy or pretty but if you want to fly you must go through the process. Wherever we find ourselves right now we must remember that from these moments of breakdown comes great breakthroughs.

Your only job now is to honour, listen and accept the emotions, pains, stories and limiting beliefs that have come up for you during this time. Love and integrate them into your whole self, for they are a big part of your growth and expansion in this life.

The bigger the lesson the bigger commitment we have to integrate and become the master of. From this place of surrender and acceptance we release any resistance and allow ourselves to move forward from a space of clarity, calmness, intention, humility and compassion. We welcome growth and change and intentionally take action in our lives.

Nothing is certain in life, it never was. You may have had to face that head on this year. Change is a beautiful part of our life, we cannot avoid or ignore it. Life moves in cycles and changes daily and there is so much beauty and abundance to be experienced when we accept this. We chose how we live our life, be it from worry, fear and separation or joy, love and unity. We are the only ones who can make the changes we want to see in our lives and in our world. We are the hero, saviour and guru we seek outside of ourselves.

A commitment to making such poignant changes in our lives might mean going against the norm for a while but remember the ‘norm’ was not serving us – we were over worked, unfulfilled and uninformed.

The real task moving forward is to be true to what has unfolded for you in this time. Your empowerment will come from stepping up for yourself over these coming weeks and months and prioritising the things that you value the most. How much is your love worth, your connection with others, your health, your peace, your life? How much is the life of a loved one or fellow human worth? Is it worth an awkward conversation of a bold move forward? You do not have to follow the rules and limitations laid before you by generations gone by. That time has come to an end, we are here to create a new way of being. You are here to step fully into your radiant self and create the life you desire for yourself first and for generations to come.

These are unprecedented times – for you to make some extraordinary changes in your life, to your well-being, your relationships, to your health, to your lifestyle, to humanity. Now more than ever you are being called to take action and step up, step into the shoes of your truest self and stand side by side with loved ones and strangers. No more excuses, apologies, limitations or obligations – It is time to commit to living your life unconditionally and unapologetically as your fully expressed self. It is time to remember that this should be a reality for every single person. Start big or start small, just start as you mean to go on with love and courage in your heart and faith in your pocket.

Go Deeper

  • What was my biggest challenge of of 2020? Was it there before? Is there something I can learn and grow from?
  • What was the most dominant emotion I felt? Where was this coming from?
  • What was the most reoccurring fear or belief?
  • What was I taking for granted the most?
  • What do I value most? What is worth the most in my life? What am I worthy of?
  • What scares me the most about moving forward or making change in my life?
  • What are my non-negotiables moving forward? For my mind? For my body? For my heart and soul? For my relationships? For the world I want to live in? Why are they so important to me? What do I gain from them?
  • What are small changes I can make that will a have a big impact individually and collectively?
  • What are the big changes I would love to make but seem too big right now? Can I make a baby step forward?
  • How can I support my choices and move forward staying true to them? Do I need accountability, support, faith, drive?
  • Do I need support or help as I navigate through this transition? Can I receive this from loved one or do I need more structured or professional support?
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