Living in Flow

Most days we quickly get swept up in the busyness and distraction of the external world and we put off happiness or feeling great until the end of the day, the weekend, the holidays, when we find the partner, when we hit the jackpot etc.

To live a life in flow, you have to fully commit to being tuned into the world around you, tapped into your vibration and turned on by your life experiences and the people in it.

That doesn’t always mean being joyous, positive, calm and collected!!

It means you are committed to being responsible for your vibration/ energy/emotional state/ frequency throughout each day in order to create the life you want, deserve and came here to remember you can have.

Feeling what we feel is always better than feeling nothing at all. Our inner navigational system is our greatest power because we are receiving constant feedback of what we need more of or less of in every moment.

Of course, sometimes we may overreact or ignore the signals altogether, but it is all relevant to our deeper understanding and awareness of self. We have the choice each moment to be the captain of the ship or to be thrown around by the waves.   

How we react to our inner and outer world determines what we create in our life. You get to choose how you react and what you create within every moment. If you’re always choosing (consciously or unconsciously) negative reactions, you are creating your life from here too. Alternatively, if you are more tuned into your vibration you can consciously create the life you want. Life will begin to flow with more grace and ease and less pain and suffering.

Suffering is not always a negative or painful state of being. Suffering can be being blind to and denying yourself happiness, joy, peace or abundance. Suffering can be attachment to things that don’t serve us. We have learned to attach to people, beliefs e.g. being right, fears, stories, masks, painful experiences, fitting in, ticking the box etc. to feel safe and in control. When in reality it is our attachments that control our vibration and our suffering that inhibits our flow.

If you care about how you feel you will practice harnessing your flow/vibration/energy/ frequency every day. It will be at the top of your priority list each day because ultimately all the things we do, we do them to feel happier or to feel better. Remember that if we supress the depts of our fears, pain, sadness, anger we also suppress the heights of our love, joy, abundance, happiness.

If you care about how you feel you will get to know your fears, beliefs, attachments and shadows that you may have long ignored, bringing them from the shadows to the light, accepting them as parts of your whole self and loving them unconditionally.  We then stop looking outside ourselves for validation or a quick fix and we return to our wholeness once again. We call back all of the fragmented pieces of ourselves from all the stories and timelines and realign with our whole self once again. We can’t want a lot of change and skip out on the work.

It doesn’t have to be a serious affair. When we surrender and release the hold of the ego and our judgement, we have on ourselves (and others), we can be curious or playful in our observation. When we practice being the curious, non-judgemental observer instead of clinging to the things that inhibit our flow we are choosing growth instead of suffering.

Simply, we always have the choice and ability to choose one vibration over another.

It’s OK to have shit moments and days where you can’t shift out of a funk. Always accepting every part of yourself without condition means honouring all vibrations that move through you without wallowing in your excuses or stories. You can be compassionate and say OK tomorrow we start again! Or right now I choose do x,y,z to make me feel 1% better.

Living in the flow is allowing things to continue to flow and not allowing your mind to hinder the flow for weeks or months on end.

Living in the flow is being in divine union, communion (communication and union) between the duality of our inner and outer worlds; the yin and yang, fear and love, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, good and bad. They are all sides of the same coin and knowing there is no separation brings us back into our flow always. Connected to everything, attached to nothing.

These questions are more an invitation to explore and feel into rather than to rationalise and lead with the mind. Sit with each question for a few moments or a day and see what is revealed.

  • Are you willing and ready to take conscious and intentional responsibility of your vibration? How would it change your life?
  • What are the biggest triggers or inhibitors to me living in my flow right now (people/circumstances/emotions/ Thoughts or beliefs)? Why / How?
  • What are the excuses/stories/attachments I am hiding behind/ stuck in?
  • What are the things that raise my vibration? Make me feel good?
  • Going forward what are my daily non-negotiables to enhancing my vibration every day /throughout the day?
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