Can you hear her call?

Can you feel it? The shift? A remembrance and re-harmonising of our original truths?

The Divine Feminine is within every single person, she birthed us into this life and she will hold us as we lay our physical body to rest after our last breath.

The divine or sacred feminine is our natural, instinctive self, it is the emotion, passion, creativity, sexuality, wildness, beauty, intuition, free thinking, nurturing, life creating energy that courses through our body. The sacred feminine is playful, nurturing and wise all at once.

For so long these expressions of ourselves were ignored, punished, deemed unacceptable, dangerous, hysterical, witchcraft and we were killed, burned, coerced and left terrified to speak our truth. So much so when we saw/see other women speaking out, acting differently we judge, burn and throw shade at her.

We are so much more that we are led to believe.

In order to remember who, we truly are, we must forget everything we were told!

The more we become aware of this, the more we can shed and strip back to our true authentic, powerful feminine selves. The more we explore the areas of light and dark, the shadows and anything lurking within, the more we will know ourselves and our true potential. The deeper we dig we are reminded that every scrape, scratch and scar was necessary to build the resilience and to remember our truth as we move forward.

This pain and trauma is in our blood and bones passed down through each generation. We are healing fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment, humiliation, control, emotional and physical trauma. We do it for our ancestors, our mothers and our children and theirs.

We are healing fear of rejection, fear of speaking out, fear of being heard, fear of freedom, fear of being vulnerable.

We are here to break this cycle, we are the healers we have been looking for. We need to heal these fears to attain what we truly yearn for – freedom, courage, love, life, passion, creativity, intuition, healing and beauty. As we heal, we channel the energy of all the amazing women and Goddesses that have gone before us, their support and insight will remind us of the courage and wisdom we always had within.

Can you hear her call??

Where once she whispered, now she roars and we cannot ignore her anymore.

The time has come for us to honour our whole self, the parts of us that have been repressed and suppressed for hundreds and thousands of years.

No longer will we play it small and do as we are told.

No longer will we doubt our emotions, inner knowing and intuition.

No longer will we lower our voice or turn it off completely in fear of what might happen.

No longer will we fear the dark, the shadows or the night. For within the darkness either beneath the soil or within the womb incredible things come to life.

No longer will we hide our creativity and power to create and manifest amazing things.

No longer will we try to live by outdated conditions and beliefs.

No longer will we ignore our female cycles, instead we will consciously tune in, learn from and nurture them. Adjusting our speed and action accordingly so that we don’t burn out.

No longer will we play the ‘good girl’ and do as we are told.

No longer will we think we are not good enough and at the same time, feel too much of anything.

No longer will we mistreat our body or let anyone else mistreat it, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

No longer will we judge, attack and maim (in person or online) other women, it is time to empower, guide and cheer on all women.

No longer will we ignore the intelligence, beauty, strength and abundance of Mother Earth. For she like us has been severely mistreated.

She is calling – are you listening?

Featured Image- @AutumnSkyeArt

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