Why we hope, dream and make goals.

Why do you set goals?

Why do you wish for things to be different in your life?

Why do you hope and wish for the new job, partner, cash flow etc?

This time of year we are inundated with fresh starts, resolutions, goals and dreams for the year to come (and decade this year!). With all that external noise we forget that we can change the direction of our path any day, any month and moment in our life. Whenever you do decide to make a change, set a goal or wish a wish I invite you to dig a little deeper and tune in to what you truly want.

There may be a variety of reasons why you do any of the things mentioned above but ultimately it is to feel better than you do right in this moment. We all do it, we notice that we don’t like where we are, who we are with or what we are doing. We become aware of something lacking in our life and from that space and energy of not having the thing that we want, we wish we had the opposite or at the least an upgraded version.

Then we play the game of destination addiction; we become addicted to the idea that happiness or feeling better is always in the next job, relationship, change in our physical body, success, achievement or windfall. If happiness is always a moving target, then we will never arrive at our desired destination. If happiness is always somewhere out there, we will always be chasing it because it will never be where you are right now.

We stay stuck in a loop of knowing what we do want and knowing what we don’t want but feel crap for not having it right now. We become attached to the outcome forgetting that in any moment we can do something to make us feel better. We stay stuck in an energy /vibration of lacking something in our life instead of opening the doors to anything different.

The vibration /emotional state is what we are truly seeking and so instead of waiting and yearning for a desired outcome to determine our happiness we can find happiness in each day by doing more of the things that bring us joy, peace, contentment, harmony, love.

The more time we spend in ‘feeling good’ the less time we spend fearing never having the ‘thing’ we desire or in sadness over the lack of it in our life.

Fear and unworthiness are the likely two culprits to hold you stuck in this feeling of lack which leads to inaction or resistance to an alternative ending. When you feel unworthy or fearful you are in a vibration of lack and therefore cannot not align with your true state of being and or your true wants and desires.

We’ve been sold a lie that suffering is the only way. That to have such love, abundance or joy in your life is too much to ask for. That you don’t deserve it or don’t really need it. And so, you play it safe and limit your ambitions and desires to minimise any more hurt, pain, failures or massive shifts/ change in your life. Neither are true or helpful and the sooner we realise the depths of our love, divinity and our truth soul self the easier it is to heal, realign and soar freely in all that we do.

In reality we have the power to;

– Live happily without mentally, emotionally or socially constructed conditions.

– Live our lives unattached to the outcomes (which are constantly shifting, evolving and changing anyway).

– Let feeling good be the ‘prize’ or the goal.

When you think about setting goals or tuning into what you want more of in your life;

  1. Cultivate a feeling of feeling good more regularly, by doing more of the things that make you feel good (seems obvious but most of the time we spend doing things we don’t enjoy or that doesn’t actually fulfil us).
  2. Practice visualisation and affirmations from a place of alignment with your highest self- meditate, dance, laugh, breathe into a space of alignment beforehand.
  3. Remember you have the power to change your emotional state right now, maybe not to the heights you wish but movement, music, chatting with a friend are only some of the practices that can shift your energy massively. Find the ones that work best for you and keeping doing that!
  4. Really tune into the goals that you wish to set. Are they something you desire on a deep level or are you following the influence of someone else? Are you ticking boxes that were never yours in the first place?
  5. Affirm ;

My inner guidance is always tuned to my truest desires, I listen to it always and I trust the process.

From my open perspective where I feel loved and worthy, I look forward to inviting in more…..

Love, always,

Mel x

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