12 Practices to Navigate Your Spiritual Journey

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience – Teilhard De Chardin

Wherever you find yourself on the spiritual path you are exactly where you need to be. You are remembering and realigning with all that you know and innerstand at the exact pace and dept necessary at this time.

Maybe you were drawn in by a practice or person, a trauma or a tragedy but something called out to you from deep within and guided you to seek more of this.

Spirituality is a path of growth and expansion. It differs from formed religions which seek to contain us with rules and regulations.

Our spiritual path is not a straight path from birth to death determined by judgement and fear. Our spiritual path is a spiral journey aligned with unconditional love and acceptance.

We chose to come to Earth at this time to help raise the vibrations and consciousness of this planet. We set our intentions within our soul contracts and then we spend our lives trying to honour that or at the least remember it.

The deeper we journey on our path the more transformation, learning and expansion comes. For some it is too much to venture further down the path in this lifetime, it’s too scary and too dark. They tip toe around the edges and peep over the walls, yearning to join in, but remain glued to the spot in fear. Or they completely push it out of their mind and continue their life ignoring their intuition and the whispers of their soul.

The rest, begin the journey and follow the breadcrumbs laid ahead by their higher awareness, by the Universe. Hoping and trusting that the headlamps won’t fail them and instead will continue to light their way, twenty or thirty feet ahead.

The journey of spiritual awakening is not all glitter and rainbows and love and light. As we continue to grow and expand, we shed layers of the ego, conditions and thought patterns, from within this lifetime and from before. This takes its toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Within these times it can be hard to continue the work or remember the things we have learned that will help us. During these times we need to give time and space to the lessons that are showing up instead of running away from them.During these times we need to seek support and guidance from those who understand and who can hold space for us.

It is only in bringing the light to these dark spaces that we can illuminate the learning and welcome it with open arms, knowing that it is aligned with our highest intention.

When we actively and consciously explore and bring light to the shadows within, we jump forward along our path avoiding painful lessons that may have otherwise manifested.

 On this spiral path we come up against many lessons, many of which are painful. But within the pain, transformation comes. Think of a butterfly emerging from the cocoon or a mother birthing her baby. The pain is a necessary part of the journey, but suffering isn’t. People spend their whole lives suffering when they needn’t. With the right support, healing and help we don’t need to stay in a space of suffering. We can find ways and means to release and let go, to expand and realign. 

We are divine spiritual beings that have a purpose and message to share in this lifetime. We originated from the source of all creation so that source is within us too.

We have the ability to tap into higher levels of consciousness that will help and guide us. It will also allow and enable us to tap into, remember and align with our own innate power and wisdom.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t get pissed off, upset or angry at those who chose a different way (you will!!). Sometimes the hardest part of the spiritual journey is having to live in the physical world with people who on a different wavelength than us, in every which way. It’s not about living a zen life without feeling emotions and never getting angry, stressed or frustrated. It is about being aware of what each experience is teaching you and helping you understand yourself and your growth each step of the way. It is about choosing not to stay stuck in that stress, anger, frustration or pain and realigning with understanding and peace once again, on your own and or with help.

Wherever you find yourself on this spiritual journey is exactly where you need to be. As you start to live your life with intention, integrity and favour harmony over discord and judgement you will see your life transform and bloom in the most beautiful way. You will learn how to take inspired action from your heart space instead of fearfully or impulsively reacting (most of the time 😊).

Daily devotion and practice are necessary and needed to stay aligned and connected but also to stay healthy in mind, body, heart and soul.

 Devotion of yourself and your connection is unique to you and your journey and may include some of these practices.

  1. Daily meditation practice
  2. Chanting and mantra practice
  3. Connection with higher vibrations and frequencies – Angels /Goddesses /Ascended Masters
  4. Prayer and affirmations – vibrationally aligned and trusted
  5. Earthing and grounding and connecting in nature and Mother Earth.
  6. Physical movement and releasing of energy – exercise/ yoga /dance/shaking
  7. High quality whole and nutritious foods
  8. WATER!!!!!
  9. Intention setting and mindfulness throughout the day
  10. Journaling
  11. Creativity and Imagination – Art, Music whatever your inspired creation is.
  12. Learning – read, attend workshops and courses, listen to talks/ podcasts or watch videos on line – there is an abundance of information available to us online.

Come join us as Soul Circle as we navigate this journey together through discussion and meditation.

Mel x

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