If it’s balance you want, ditch the scales.

Did you ever go somewhere new and instantly feel an inexplicable connection or familiarity with the place?

This happened to me the first time I went to The Hill of Tara years ago.  

My friend wanted to share one of her favourite spots with me, and I remember walking around and absorbing it all in – the beauty of the views, the stories, the energy…the magic!!

Mound of the Hostages – Hill of Tara

Tara holds sacred space for the memories of thousands of ancient Irish ceremonies, celebrations and coronations. For me, returning to these sacred places reawakens and reconnects me to nature and the ancient ways of our ancestors.  

This weekend many will celebrate the Autumn Equinox, saying goodbye to summer and hello to Autumn. The equinoxes mark the halfway point between the summer and winter solstices and over the 2 days, there will be equal hours in day and night.

The balance between light and dark guides us to reflect on balance within our own lives and notice where the scales may be tipping too much in one direction. The equinox is an invitation to embrace the changes needed in our lives as much as we do the beautiful autumn leaves and cosy jumpers of this new season.

Last weekend I found myself in Tara Open Studio doing just that, as I attended a women’s wisdom circle. During this incredible circle, each woman was asked to reflect and share about what balance means and looks like in her life?

The answers shared were so deeply wise and insightful that I was reminded once again that we truly do have all the answers within, if only we would slow down to ask the questions.

For me balance is less about finding equilibrium on some imaginary life scales and more about alignment and awareness of my journey.

 For many years, balance was this impossible quest of trying to juggle all things in my life and equally manage them all at the same time.

I’ve learned however, that life is not a straight line and cannot be micromanaged into little neat boxes.

Life is more like a river, flowing and meandering around or through obstacles, sometimes bursting over the banks and navigating new terrain all the while nurturing and nourishing those within.

We can never control everything, there are too many variables at play. And so, balance can only come from within – an awareness and a realignment within.  

When we take the time to go within, we are more aware of our meandering ways. We quickly notice when we have veered off course, we feel it and see it in some or all areas of our life.

Through this awareness we can then realign with our true course once again. We can realign and move forward with intention and purpose instead of reckless reaction. We can realign with the actions, people and intentions that allow us to flow and grow in our own unique way.

For me balance is a commitment to knowing myself on the deepest of levels. To keep checking in with myself and to be aware when I have veered off course and without judgement or criticism, ask myself what do I need to do to realign with my true path once again? Balance for me is to surrender to the mental chatter or fear of loosing my way and to ask for guidance from within.

My question for you on this Autumn Equinox is simply – What does balance mean for you in your life and have you veered off your course?

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Mel x

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