20 Ways to take Radical Responsibility of your Life.

You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, attended the seminars and could write your own book about life and how to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

But still your life stays the same, nothing changes. Sound Familiar?

You stay stuck in cycles and patterns that you understand logically but can’t step out of due to your fear or lack of motivation or consistency.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.

The hard truth of the matter is that you and you alone are responsible for how you show up and live your life.

You alone are responsible for the energy, mindset and emotion you bring to any situation.

You alone are responsible for how you react to the situations, people and circumstances you are faced with each day.

No matter how much you learn, read, listen to, qualify as – if your words, thoughts and actions don’t change, your life won’t change.

It is time for us to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY of our lives.

It is time for us to fully commit, to step up and take charge of our whole life unapologetically and unconditionally.

Now, that doesn’t mean that some days won’t be tough – they will.

There will be days when it seems that everything is crumbling down around you.

There will be days when you want to run away from it all when your heart feels like it has shattered into a million pieces you fear you will never retrieve.

And there will be times when you will feel so drained and exhausted that you can barely show up, only managing to give 5% of yourself.

On these days we can remember that;

We are forever learning, growing and remembering who we are truly are.

There is a lesson and a blessing in each challenge and triumph we encounter.

We never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

This too shall pass.

We remember to listen to our mind, body, heart and soul and give it what it needs.

However, there will also be days when you feel so aligned and alive that each breath you take will be filled with joy and gratitude.

There will be days that you feel so connected, loved and supported that you feel like nothing could ever stop you.

There will be days when you are so in tune with your heart and soul that you give 150% of yourself to the people and passions that light you up.

There will be days when you look around and see all the beautiful people, experiences and abundance in your life.

It’s your time to undo and breakthrough all of the past barriers, beliefs and bullshit that has been holding you back. Whether they were created by you or those around you, you no longer have to live your life by them.

Are you ready to take radical responsibility of your life?

  1. Stop playing small.
  2. Stop letting people take advantage of you.
  3. Establish (re-establish) healthy boundaries in your relationships (personally and professionally).
  4. Start filling your tank up and resting when necessary. You can’t run on an empty.
  5. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Yes and No can be full sentences!!!
  6. Stop retelling the same stories over and over as if you are not the director of your life – start a brand-new chapter right now. (Did someone say PLOT TWIST!!!!)
  7. “If someone shows you who they are, believe them” – Maya Angelou. It is not your job to fix anyone, it is their job and life journey. Stop making excuses for someone’s shitty behaviour toward you.
  8. Stop making excuses for your own growth – start now and do your best each day. (Again ‘your best’ will be different each day and that’s OK)
  9. Stimulate your mind and challenge yourself to learn something new each day.
  10. Heal the pains and traumas of your past (journal, inner child work, shadow work, forgiveness, professional help and healing).
  11. Forgive, forgive, forgive yourself and others.
  12. Learn to let go of judgement and fear.
  13. Realign with the things that light you up an make your heart sing. Start with writing a list and do one this week!
  14. Nourish and nurture your amazing body, every day.
  15. Learn and practice reframing your thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  16. Tear down the walls you’ve placed around you for protection, fear and or comfort.
  17. Soar high and become fully alive and free.
  18. Slow down to soak it all up and in, especially in nature.
  19. Practice GRATITUDE.
  20. Share your love, compassion and passions with everyone in life.

Do you think you are ready to responsibility of your life?

Having the support while you make big shifts and changes to your life makes all the difference.

If you would like some 1:1 support from me, get in touch. Or come join Soul Circle, where we combine learning and growing with healing and meditation.

Melanie x

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