Karma is not a bitch, it’s a mirror.

Karma is not a Bitch, it’s a mirror!

How do you define Karma?

The just punishment for someone’s hurtful actions?

The deserved fate for their painful words?

The retribution for their hostility or aggression?

Karma is defined as action, deed, intention and fate.

The definition of karma is the destiny that you earn through your actions and behaviour”

If Karma is the cause and effect of intentions and actions in our life, then we are in charge of that cause and effect. Any struggle or achievement has been put into motion by a conscious or unconscious decision or action we made in that moment.  We have forgotten that not only do we control of our own Karma, we create it. We create it by our words, thoughts and actions.

We refer to Karma in the negative because we have been led to believe that we are victim to the circumstances and people in our lives. That we have no control and that suffering is inevitable.

It is true we don’t have any control over the environmental situations that happen around us, but we do have control of our perceptions and reactions to them. Suffering is a state of mind, you can choose to pitch a tent and wallow in self-pity, or you can decide to continue on your journey with lessons learned, wisdom and growth.

Instead of seeing Karma as a negative repercussion to actions and behaviours we can harness the intention within it to create a new and different reality.

Karma is not a bitch, it’s a mirror, a reflection. Our actions and intentions are mirrored back to us by the law of cause and effect. That boomerang you throw out there will always return to you.

What have you been sending out on your boomerang?

Why are you so shocked to see it return to you?

Is it helping or serving you in any way?

Our intention is one if not the biggest superpower we have.

Remember when you were young and you had to say sorry for something you did? After you mumbled the apology, your mam or dad would then quip “say it properly, like you mean it”. Our words and actions don’t account for much without meaning behind them.

When we live our life with intention, we are living our life with meaning. We understand and accept that we shape and create our reality with every thought and action. When we connect with intention and meaning we are connecting with our true selves on a much deeper level. We respond to things in our environment with awareness and understanding instead or reacting from aggression or fear.

Karma is a menu, what you ordered will be delivered to you. Create the menu for the life you want to live today!

We have the power to heal the past and create our future, we have to do so intentionally, consciously. For some this is too much work and commitment. For others this is the key to unlocking all the doors they thought were closed.

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