Living with Intention

Living our life on Purpose

Have you ever had the intention of starting something new or doing something differently to make your life more harmonious or balanced?

Perhaps your intention for the week was to be less agitated, more active, more mindful, healthier, fitter, grateful or more fulfilled. But when you arrived at the end of your week you feel anything but because life got in the way?

How often do you go through your day and react to every little thing that comes your way? We easily become reactive and just go through the motions or e-motions that come up and come at us each day. Does it feel as if you are putting out mini fires everywhere you go? People come to us for help and assistance and they want it right now this minute. They lay the foundations for the expectations we then create of how we think we ‘should’ react. We get side-tracked by their demands and then all of sudden, our good intentions and positive to-do lists goes out the window. Sound familiar? Without bringing intention into our day we forget the things that are necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves, the very things we value and want to prioritise. Our day is dictated by everyone else and their needs and wants.

Or maybe you are just coasting through life on autopilot and not thinking of where you really want to go or what you want from life. It is as if you are in a boat, afloat and moving, but the rudder underwater has no real sense of where the boat is going because you have no real sense of where you are going.

‘In the Universe there is an immeasurable and indescribable force which those who live ‘of the source’ call intention and that absolutely everything that exists in the cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link’ – Carlos Castaneda

When we think of intention as something we connect to as to opposed to do, we connect to the space within us that is aligned to our true self, to our divine self, to that place of peace and love. When we are acting and living our life from this space then our lives flow, we are going with the current of life instead of painfully struggling against the it. With intention we find mindfulness, peace, clarity and deeper awareness of how we interact with life.

Everything in the natural world was created with intention by a greater source of which we are connected to.  We were intended to breathe and to grow and to live in this world at this time with all the people around us.

You are already connected to this source, but you may have stopped using this connection or maybe it is just a bit rusty.  The more you are in harmony with this field of intention then you are able to heal, cleanse, accept and make room for an abundant, full, happy, purposeful life.

What does that look like in our day to day life?

We go through so many transitions throughout the day from morning to night. From getting up in the morning – to our journey to work – to our morning work – to our important meeting – to our lunch break etc. Most of the time we do unconsciously, without intention. We might not tap into that source, that intention until our meditation that evening, our work out that night or our journaling time we take.

We accumulate and bring energy and emotions from all the situations and experiences into the rest of the day when we could have parked them and let them go with intention as we moved onto the next part of our day. When we realign with our intentions we take back our power and live a life that we choose.

By taking a few moments to think of the answer to some of these questions you will be able to gain clarity on where you can bring more intention into your day.

When in your day are you switching to autopilot?

What area do you want to bring more intention for the next few weeks?Home? Work? Family? Health?

How would that change your life/ that area of your life?

How can you be more intentional in this specific area or your life in general?

What changes are you going to commit to for the next week to be more intentional?

Maybe think of a specific situation in work, with family that is challenging for you at the moment, that needs more love, care, attention, nourishment, healing. Think about what you can bring to that situation every time you meet that person, visit that place. Instead of living in the pain and suffering narrative you can bring a whole new energy to the situation – just set the intention. “I am willing to be patient with…” I am loving and compassionate to …”

Tips and tricks

Use triggers to remind you and help start this habit of intention at the beginning. Brendon Burchard speaks about triggers a lot and I find the so useful. The idea is that every time you see the trigger it will remind you to bring intention to the situation.

  • Doorways – Every time you walk through a doorway or maybe just one specific doorway set an intention of the energy / mindset / emotional state you want to bring in with you – I bring patience and understanding into this space. / Even though we differ in onion about a lot of things I can bring maturity and compassion into this visit/ conversation. 
  • Stickers – Visual reminders that will remind you. Stick little stickers around your environments to remind you to set an intention for the next portion or your day. e.g. In the car, put the sticker on the steering wheel to remind you to be be calm and patient on your journey.
  • Hair bobbin / rubber band / bracelet* – every time you think about the intention swap the bobbin* onto your other hand. You will notice the band or bobbin all day as you use and move your hands and so this will remind you to be intentional throughout the day.
  • Use your devices – Set reminders on your phone/device each day for your intentions
  • Write 3-5 words that represent your best self and place them on your mirror or somewhere you see everyday or throughout the day.  You could set a reminder on your phone for this too.
  • Create I am statements and affirmations using these words and say them throughout the day as your own personal mantra.

As always I would love to know how you get on and if you would like to chat further about these topics, tools and techniques. Please share this with someone wlse you feel would like it too.

Mel x

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