How to Live a Happy Life of Meaning & Purpose


From a young age I have loved stories, reading and writing and keeping a journal. As I went through this journey of life I went through waves of not writing at all and writing a lot. Thankfully in recent years it has been more of the later.

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There is so much to gain from writing out your thoughts about anything and everything or about something more specific. The words flow, the mind, heart and soul release simultaneously and together in some beautifully intertwined dance. The mind understands more, the heart heals deeply, and the soul gently says, ‘you have all the answers, you know the way’.

I love to look back over my journals too, reminding myself of the journey I have had and the lessons I learned. I see the lessons that continue to show up as I learn and grow and I remember the lessons I figured out very quickly, surprising myself at my awareness, at how I could even write the words at that time.

Today I was looking back over some journals and I found a journal entry that made me smile and so I though I would share it with you all.


The question – Write a letter to your future grandchild about the meaning of life, of purpose and happiness. (Thanks Pat Divilly for the question)

December 2016

The meaning of life is to…

Give love, be love and share love. Act, speak and feel from a place of love every second of everyday of your life. It will be hard because of the environment you may be in and the people within and circumstances that arise. However, you must find ways and means to help yourself, to stay in the place of love and life will be full and beautiful and fun and so very special. I can share a few tips to stay in love if you wander off the path or lose your way;

  1. Breathe – through meditation, Reiki, whatever works for you but find 10 minutes (minimum) everyday to connect with yourself and your higher self.
  2. Be grateful – Practice gratitude everyday to remind yourself of all of the amazing things you are and have in this life.
  3. Feel the fear and do it anyway – Don’t wait for others approval or judgement, it doesn’t matter anyway. It is your story to write, not theirs. Equally don’t judge others and their path – judgement is a toxic road that runs far away from love.
  4. Laugh – Belly laughs are essential, as many as possible, if you can find people that you can laugh with and be silly with never let them go. Be proud of your laughter lines (different to wrinkles) and of all the precious moments you were connected to another person through laughter.
  5. Be kind – To everyone, close and far, in any way you can, in that particular moment. Say hello when you cross someone’s path, hold a door for someone. A smile can brighten someone’s whole day and an act of kindness their week, month or even year. Be kind to animals and to Mother Earth and all the nature she yields – you are connected to all living things and they deserve as much love and respect as you do. Most of all be kind to yourself.
  6. Explore – Near and far, be curious about the country you live in and the whole world. There are many places to see, many people to meet and many beautiful and special places to hold dear to your heart.
  7. Contrast – Contrast is essential, comparison is not. Contrast between one thing and another will allow you to see what you want and don’t want, what you like and don’t like. See the contrast and adjust your way, thoughts, feelings accordingly to move closer to what you do want.
  8. Don’t settle – For a job, a relationship or anything that doesn’t feel good enough. You are one of a kind, no one on Earth is you or can be like you. You deserve the best so expect nothing less. Equally be your best in everything you do and say and how you connect with others.
  9. Be Present – In everything you do, you will enjoy it more and learn more. You will have more cherished moments of your journey in this life. Enjoy everything as it happens, don’t waste your time on what ifs or when’s. The past is history, the future a mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.
  10. Listen – Really listen, you were given 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them accordingly,
  11. Spend time with family and friends and loved ones every day. We are social beings, intimately connected and in need of love and interaction. Try not to allow work or other things that don’t make you happy or fulfilled to fill up your day. Work hard but love and connect harder.
  12. Always do your best – No matter what that may be on any given day. 10% on some days is better that 0% and you’ll make for it on the days you give 200%.
  13. Materials and money come and go, save little and share a lot.
  14. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  15. Live every day as if it is your last – Go for it!
  16. Everything is as it should be, as above, so below, as within, so without – You are worthy, loved and divine. Say this often to yourself with love and knowing that it is the ultimate truth.



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