What Masks are you Wearing???


In a world of filters and Photoshop it has become glaringly obvious that we don’t want to have to analyse the stories and posts we scroll past to see what is real and what is fake? Calling out, judging and shaming people in the media and our immediate worlds has become the norm for most people whether they do it openly in the comment section or silently in their minds. We are crying out for the truth in every corner of our lives. But mostly we are just living a life in drag, portraying carefully constructed, entertaining characters to the world.

We were born into this physical world open, accepting, hopeful, connected, naked to all around us. We didn’t care about the rules or judgement of others, we just sought comfort, love and help whenever we needed it. If you’ve ever been around a little baby that equates to a LOT of help, care and attention. That need for help, care and attention didn’t change as we got older but our attitude and response to that need changed drastically.

As babies we stare in amazement at the wonder around us, finding joy in the simplest of things; a silly noise or a bowl of spaghetti. We didn’t know how to do anything for ourselves and yet we met each milestone (in our own time, in true authentic style because we had no one else’s schedule to follow but our own).

first steps 2 When we tried to walk we were applauded and praised for our efforts. No one judged or laughed when we fell back to the floor. No one said, “look at this fool trying to walk again”. It is said that we fall more times in our life time as we learn to walk than for the rest of our lives and yet we still receive squeals of delight and awe when we take our first steps.

The older we got the more we noticed the rules and conditions surrounding us, in our respective environments. We placed imaginary and restrictive boundaries around ourselves and began our destructive relationship with doubt and fear. We constructed masks to fit the company we kept sometimes becoming so engrossed and dedicated to that character or starring role that we forgot who we truly were – right at our core, in all our authentic glory.

maskEach mask served/serves us in some way to hide what we think might leave us vulnerable and open to judgement and undeserving of love. But what if we could remove the mask, tear down the walls of the boxes we have built around ourselves. The same boxes that we only occasionally peep over and say, “Hey there, here I am, and I am worthy of your attention, your care, your help and your love”. How amazing would it be if we could break away from the limitations and perceptions that society places on us and say, “thanks but no thanks, I’ve got my own idea, my own way, my own vision and my own path to follow”.

It is easy to follow the crowd, to blend in, to dress up as the character we have created, to please everyone except yourself, to not rock the boat for fear of falling out. But to what end? To totally erase the perfectly imperfect unique fucking amazing person you are? Why? Who wins there? Maybe only those who care about mass consumerism and selling products and those living in fear. All the great and exceptional minds, visionaries, inventors, artists, writers, performers and teachers did something different, went against the grain, refused to conform.

It’s time to take off the mask or cloak you’re hiding behind. Allow the real you, the determined, worthy and inspired you, the you who learned how to walk and talk, to step out from behind the shadows and take centre stage. The spotlight is there to be filled, for no one is you and able to fill that position. The beauty of the spotlight is that you can’t see anyone when you’re on stage you light is too bright, your song is too loud.


Take the stage and step into the spotlight, your spotlight and shine from the inside out. Your true authentic self is far greater than any mask or cloak you could wear.

Mel x

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