Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Autumn

This is my favourite time of the year!! The colours, the crunchy leaves, the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  Nature is so beautiful and I always feel like the trees are gently reminding us how beauty can be found in letting things go.

As the temperatures drop and the nights get darker, I think this is the perfect opportunity to start taking stock of the year as it winds down and to take some well deserved time for ourselves.

Here are 5 suggestions to embrace this gorgeous time.

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Botanic Gardens, Dublin
  1. Wrap up, go for a walk in nature and enjoy the kaleidoscope of autumnal colours. The Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin is one of my favourite places to go in Dublin. I only visited this little gem for the first time earlier in the year and it quickly became a special place for me. So much do and see here, if you’re on your own or bringing the whole family.
  2. Nature is slowing down and getting ready to rest for winter, you too can take time for yourself to wind down and rest after a busy year. Take time out for yourself, get a massage, take yourself on a date or attend a restorative yoga class (I went to one last week and it was bliss!!). Do something nice for you!!
  3. It’s harvest time and that means an abundance of seasonal and nutritious fruit and vegetables. Make a delicious apple and berry crumble or a tasty squash stew which will feel like a hug in a bowl on a cold or wet evening. Here are some of my favourite winter recipes.

happy pear

 Happy Pear Squash Soup


Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew


The Little Green Spoon’s Caulicannon

  1. The colder seasons can be harsher on our skin and have a drying effect. Make sure you are keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised during the colder months too. It is our biggest organ after all, we need to make sure it gets the TLC it deserves. The gorgeous and vibrant Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd was at Wellfest this year sharing her wealth of knowledge about all things skin related. Check out her 10 commandments and sins for looking after your skin, all year round.
  2. Sometimes it is harder to motivate yourself on a dark evening to exercise but it is important for us to stay active to keep our immune function in tip top shape. Join a new class for the winter months or get a gang of friends together at the weekend for a walk or run. With the extra seasonal veggies and staying fit and active you will be fighting off all those sniffles and germs until springtime.

IMG_20171018_195039_297Be kind and take of yourself, listen to your body and give it what it needs. It may need some extra rest and recuperation after a busy year, as does all in nature at this time.

Love and light,



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