From Holy Grail to Wholly Grail ….

The holy grail, a cup or a chalice of magic and miraculous qualities and power that can provide anything from eternal happiness or youth to infinite abundance of wealth and riches. This much sought after chalice took starring role in many a tale and quest for centuries across Europe.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years and our quest may not be for this magical chalice but it is for its 21st century equivalent. We still seek something that will gives us the secret to happiness, health, riches and wellness in abundance and we want it now!

Nowadays the holy grail that we so keenly and relentlessly chase after looks more like the perfect diet, body, relationship or lifestyle . Are these things as coveted as the qualities that we find in the legends or is it just a product of a culture of instant gratification and disconnection to ourselves and each other?

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What are you chasing?

Social media seems to be catapulting both men and women from their imperfectly perfect selves into a rigid standard of obsession and conformity. One can only wonder when or where will it all stop? It seems each latest craze or quick fix is not enough, it can only hold our attention for a little while until we move onto the next one.

The sad irony of it all is that we seem to have lost our own quest, what it is we truly want and wish for and instead follow the herd while posting about it online. We might smash our goals in the gym or in our jobs, only to realise that we didn’t really want it in the first place. Why? Well, it wasn’t your cup you were drinking from, was it?

The further down the rabbit hole we barrel the further we move from our own holy grail or as I like to call it our Wholly Grail. Our own abundant stream of wellness within. For it is within ourselves, not others that we find the answers to what we truly want and desire.

Many a coach or quote has suggested to ‘find your why’. It is simple and effective. No one can give you the answers you want except the place of knowing from within. Sure, a coach can advise and guide you about how to map out the road ahead to attaining your goal, but not until you decide on the final destination, with your ‘why’ as the driving force.

We need to look at our whole selves, our whole lives to get the whole picture. A picture that includes our mental, emotional and spiritual selves, our physical bodies, our relationships, our passions, our careers, our environment and the people within. (2)
Look at the whole picture

By bringing our awareness to ourselves and our lives as a whole, we can observe and reflect on what changes, subtle or substantial, that we want to work toward.

What if we stopped seeking to fill up our cup from someone else’s disconnected and muddy source and tapped into our own clear and abundant source, where our true power and magic lies?

What if we remember that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and treat all areas of our lives with the care and nurture that they deserve?

Observe you as a whole

No cup or chalice, or six pack or perfect combination of macros can make you happy or fulfilled, not in the true sense.

Only YOU can make you happy, so start with you!

Observe you as whole.

Listen to you as a whole and start your journey to abundance and happiness from within YOUR Wholly Grail.

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