Nature is not somewhere we go, it’s who we are.

Nature is a safe haven and sanctuary to most people. The moment we witness the beauty, breathe in the fresh air, feel the soil, sand or water beneath our feet we are instantly soothed. The essence and presence of divinity is undeniable and yet many just visit and have forgotten how to deeply connect with it. This disconnection is echoed in our inability or avoidance of connecting with ourselves, loved ones and life on the deepest of levels.

Visiting nature can fill us up but truly connecting can nourish our mind, body, heart and soul, having a beautiful and powerful knock on effect to how we relate to all things in our life.

Within this journey my intention is for you to remember your true nature, unravel and reveal your organic essence and beauty while connecting deeply with the elements, nature within and without.

Essentially this will be a starting point for you to deepen your connection with yourself, others and the land which like any healthy and fulfilling relationship will continue to evolve and grow.

Along this journey we will be;

  • Exploring, unravelling and revealing our whole natural selves with the elements of nature as our guides.
  • Reconnecting with the directions of the North, South, East, West, Above, Below, Beyond & Between.
  • Reconnecting with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Quintessence.
  • Honouring and integrating these potent guides within the mind, body, heart and soul.
  • Remember your innate & primordial wisdom, guidance and power.
  • Remember how to connect deeply with yourself, the land and the elements.
  • Re-wild with simple, sacred and ceremonial practices with the elements.
  • Re-root, feel safe and at home in your whole & holy self.
  • Attune and anchor within your heart consciousness so that you can continue to express your whole and natural self.

·        “ When we awaken to the beauty of nature, the doors to our true self are opened up wide, for divine healing on all levels.”

– Robyn

Each week we will connect to a new element and its powerful medicine through experiential practices. Below is an overview of the type of practices we will be working with.

Nature Practices

Sacred practices & rituals

Embodiment practices

Breathwork practices

Cleansing and clearing practices

Protective and boundary practices

Healing & energetic practices

Grounding and alignment practices

Guided & self discovery remembrance & growth

Plus so much more 😊

The details

6 week journey beginning November 11th and completing on December 16th.

Live call (via zoom) every Thursday evening 7.30 – 9.30pm which will be recorded if you cannot make it.

Additional self guided learning on the platform with audio, video and written resources.

E- book for each week including journaling prompts and questions to deepen your journey.

Unlimited access to content after the course has finished.

Investment €250 (payment plans available)

Week by week Overview

** This is only the main points, each week is JAM PACKED with magic **

Week 1

  • Reconnection with yourself & your journey
  • 10 Codes of wisdom from nature
  • Wholeness
  • Orientation
  • Inner Guidance
  • Sacred Space & ceremony
  • Intentional connection with nature, offerings & nature practices
  • Energetic Body & connection

Week 2

  • Reconnecting with the element of Air & direction of the east
  • Nature practices – sacred smoke, smudges and plant guides.
  • Sacred breath and practices
  • Remembering the natural voice and the power of word, song and prayers
  • Sacred mind, communication, imagination and creation.
  • Reclaiming and healing Inner child

Week 3

  • Reconnecting with the element of Fire & direction of the south
  • Nature practices – sacred fire and flame
  • Purification, protection & transmutation practices with the holy fire & ultra violet flame
  • Reconnecting with your true expression, essence & sovereignty
  • Healing limitations and fears, rekindling courage, drive and inner fire

Week 4

  • Reconnecting with the element of water & direction of the west
  • Nature practices – sacred waters within & without
  • Cellular remembrance, intuition and creation
  • Cleansing, purification, nourishing & healing with the holy waters of this land.
  • Emotional security, maturity & boundaries
  • Embodiment & expression practices through movement
  • Ancestral healing & forgiveness

Week 5

  • Reconnecting with the element of earth & direction of the north
  • Holy Integrity & solid foundations for life
  • Nature practices – Practice & connection with the wisdom & medicine of the trees & plants.
  • Nurturing, nourishing and re-rooting in the physical
  • Restore safety with the fertile darkness of creation
  • Connecting & healing with the wise elders within and without

Week 6

  • Reconnecting with the element of Quintessence, above & below
  • Heart consciousness – activating, amplifying and anchoring
  • Nature practices – Pure Presence & sacred sites
  • Connecting with Guides & Guardians, Angels and Ancestors
  • Cutting energetic chord and ties and protecting energetic field
  • Deeper wisdom & meaning offered within nature

I cannot wait to begin this journey with you.

If you have any questions, please get in touch or if you feel this would be perfect for someone you know, please send it on.

In love, always

Le grá,

Melanie x

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